Thursday, April 16, 2009

Michigan Football Greg Paulus Update

Since Spring Practice is over, I thought I would have a hard time find interesting information here on BigHouse Blog, so first I would like to thank Greg Paulus for keeping the Internet burning for Michigan Football information.

One side note: Kelvin Grady would love to work a trade between Duke Basketball and Michigan Football and Terrance Taylor would like to play Center for UCLA next year. Ok, jokes aside here are the latest updates on GP:

  • Greg is holding a 10:00 press conference to announce something or give people insight into his plans.
  • Greg's father confirmed he does hold a Michigan offer.
  • Greg's father also confirmed that other NFL teams have expressed interest in a tryout.
  • Duke will give him a tryout at Wide Receiver if he wants. "He's a quarterback at heart, but there was no way he was going to be able to compete and play quarterback for us," Cutcliffe said. "I think that was the deciding factor.
  • The Free Press was duped into believing the Paulus transfer story was an April fools day joke on April 15th. Maybe it was a tax day joke?

Again, IMO I don't see a lot of upside for Greg coming to Ann Arbor. He at best would be the 2nd or 3rd string QB and may never see the field. There is no way he would transplant Tate Forcier who as been working with a QB coach for years and has been knee deep in Rich Rod's offense for 4 months. Here is what Tate's brother had to say about Greg being at practice: "He mentioned Greg Paulus being at the practice and thought it was pretty funny," Jason Forcier wrote in an e-mail to "Tate is not worried about it all. Colt McCoy can be transferring into Michigan and it wouldn't faze Tate one bit. He is one of the most competitive kids I know."

So to net it out. It would give Michigan depth for one year at QB but that's about it. I'm not sure Greg coming to Michigan would give him a better shot at the NFL then he has right now, but Michigan isn't in any position to turn down All American QB's that want to play for them. Maybe he has dreamed about running out of the tunnel and touching the banner on game days?


  • Looks like Michigan will only play one night game next year at Iowa after the Big Ten released it's prime time games for 2009.

  • Seantrel Henderson a 6-foot-8, 301-pound offensive tackle and the #1 recruit in the Nation has both Michigan and MSU in his top 10. He currently has 30+ offers.

  • Here is what one of those Newspaper PSU "Blogs" called Blog, Sweat, and Tears and to say about Michigan's QB situation: If Michigan woke up tomorrow with Penn State's problems, they'd be overturning cars and lighting garbage cans on fire in downtown Ann Arbor. Either way, what a horrible spot to be in if you're Michigan. Last season was a disaster, and this one doesn't look much better for Rich Rodriguez. For the record Blog, Sweat, and Tears: Michigan has two young dynamic QB's (one on campus and one will be there in two months) and another highly rated QB coming in 2010 (maybe as early as January), so don't worry about Michigan, worry about Kevin Newsome and his throwing ability. You also have Ann Arbor confused with East Lansing. Nice work Blog, Sweat, and Tears.

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