Monday, April 20, 2009

Michigan Manic Monday: Wonders if it's the Shoes?

  • Ryan being Ryan in Arkansas Spring Game: However, in the Red-White game Saturday night, Mallett made a couple of shaky decisions he will need to avoid in SEC play. No word on any fumbled snaps.

  • Toney Clemons visited Colorado this past weekend and had this strange quote: “It’s a gorgeous campus, even with the snow,” Clemons said. “I got to see the Rocky Mountains. I went to an elementary school reading about the Rocky Mountains and actually seeing them was a great experience. There is nothing like it. It was breathtaking.” Ok, I guess. Toney also plans on visiting Brian Kelly's Cincinnati before making a decision on his next school. “I do intend to visit Cincinnati and view the situation and see what they’re offering from their side of the spectrum as far as playing time and everything like that,” Clemons said. “I’m not sure when, but probably the first week in May or something like that.”

  • Is Lo Wood still afloat for Michigan? Lo Wood a CB from Apopka, Florida has maintained Michigan at the top of his list of potential schools to attend in 2010, until this past weekend when he visited ND and spent a lot of time with former Wolverine Corwin "Cornflakes" Brown. Many are saying that Michigan and ND are now neck and neck for Lo services and that maybe ND took a slight lead after his visit.

  • Caleb Lavey a 2010 LB recruit from Texas whose father was an equipment manager under Bo, deiced to commit to Oklahoma State over the weekend. This was a surprise commitment to recruiting insiders.

  • In a strange development, Rick Neuheisel blames Adidas for his injury problem at UCLA: "I had a similar circumstance at Washington," Bruins coach Rick Neuheisel said. "I had Jerramy Stevens there, a tight end, who broke his fifth metatarsal, and the complaint was the shoes that they're wearing doesn't have enough sole for their foot because they're big guys. The little toe hangs over the edge when they make their cuts, and (the injury) almost always happens when they're cutting on it." Sounds crazy right? Well, UCLA TE Logan Paulsen is the third Bruin to break his fifth metatarsal in less than a year, according to the L.A. Daily News. So it could be the shoes? Of course, Michigan moved to Adidas last year and we haven't heard of any problems with the new shoes, but it needs to be watched closely and expect Adidas to come out with a press release soon. If Tate Forcier breaks his foot because of the shoes he is wearing, there will be hell to pay! I wonder if he could wear another brand if he wanted?

Thanks to VB for this Tate Spring Game highlight video:

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