Thursday, April 23, 2009

Paulus Continuing to use the Michigan Brand Name

So much that Bill Martin should send him a bill for brand infringement.

It was clear from the Michigan camp last weekend that Michigan was no longer interested in Greg Paulus joining the Wolverines. End of story right? Nope! Now ESPN, is reporting that Greg is picking Syracuse over Michigan. Wait a minute? How could Greg be picking Syracuse over Michigan when Michigan is no longer an option for him?

The key is the media is in "love" with Greg Paulus and he is eating up all of his 15 minutes, which is more like 2 weeks now. To even further muddy the waters, Greg is saying that he has not decided on Syracuse yet and is still taking other visits. I guess he must really love all this media coverage. BTW: It's sad that even the local Detroit media don't know that Michigan has stopped their recruitment of him.

I guess with very little college football news to report, The Greg Paulus Drama is the best thing going. Can't someone check in with Tim Tebow and his new NFL ready throwing motion?

  • Sparty has it's Spring Game on Saturday and many State of Michigan recruits will be there taking in the scrimmage. Including some Wolverine prospects like: Detroit Renaissance defensive back Mylan Hicks, Livonia Stevenson running back Austin White, and "out of state" Cincinnati Wyoming defensive end Jibreel Black. U of M is actively recruiting all of these players.

  • Big Ten - ACC Shoot Out: Will have Michigan playing BC in Crisler Arena next year. Should be a good game.

  • OL Brent Benedict (6-6 290) of Jacksonville, FL is one of the top offensive lineman prospects in the country. Tax day was the first day coaches could call recruits and he had calls as early at 6:30 from familiar names like David Cutcliffe, Lane Kiffen, Pete Carroll, Mark Richt and Urban Meyer. With that said, Brent plans to visit Notre Dame, Michigan, Michigan State and Penn State this summer.

  • SI ranks RR #11 for all colleges coaches: Not only has he won big, RichRod has helped change the sport with his offense. Many people are starting to believe that "The Vest" is getting to much like Lloyd Carr and respectable services are starting to rank him lower and lower. A guy with a national championship should not be ranked #13 behind guys like Brian Kelly, Jim Grobe, and Kirk Ferentz.

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Football University said...

Ohh Greg Paulus. I know alot of people who would love to see him back in the Syracuse area. I saw his last high school football game at the Dome when he played for CBA. I always knew he'd be a good college athlete, but at that time didn't realize his potential, or even that he'd be a Duke athlete. Fans would love to see him back in 'Cuse.