Thursday, January 5, 2012

BHB: What to Watch Tonight!

If you love recruiting this week is for you!  Saturday is the Army All American Game with 5 U of M commits and a couple of prospects (Yuri Wright and Kyle Dodson).  

Tonight is the other major all star game, the Under Armour All American game at 8:00 on ESPN

Which will include:
Black Team:
#1 CB Terry Richardson
#27 LB Joe Bolden

White Team:
#78 OL Josh Garnett

Deion Sanders has been coaching up T. Rich and had some very positive things to say“Number one (Terry Richardson), the (Bryson Echols) kid is playing his butt off and (Chaz Elder) as a safety has done well,” Sanders said. “The best thing about Richardson is he’s a very coachable kid. You tell him something one time and he is going to implement it. Whatever you tell him, he will do. Echols is a fighter, he’s battled in everything he’s done. These kids are sponges in that have been well-coached.”

Josh as we know is a future doctor and current 5 star OL that is at the top of every one's wish list.  He is down to Michigan, ND and Stanford.  He will visit Stanford this month and then make a decision.

Joe Bolden on the other hand is already enrolled at Michigan and will start classes next Monday.  He has made a name for himself during practice and was named the Black Team's defensive MVPWith the offensive line occupied by the defensive line, the linebackers were free to roam uninhibited. No one took advantage of the room to run better than Michigan commitment Joe Bolden. Bolden was popping pads during walk-thrus, and he continued to seek and destroy when the tempo was moved to full speed. Bolden doesn't do anything half-speed. He showed he was capable of dropping into coverage as well as attacking the line of scrimmage.

More info on Bolden from Sam Webb from Det News: "At the end of every day we have to name our most valuable player of the day," Ohio analyst Bill Greene said. "For me, Joe Bolden was the best player today. He was tremendous. I spent a lot of time with Scott Kennedy today ( national scouting director), and he was like, 'Man, you were right about this kid. This kid is really special.' I was like, 'I tried to tell you.' Joe is amazing. Everyone knows he can come forward -- that's a given -- but today he played sideline to sideline and he played in coverage. He just did everything. To me he was the most impressive player, not just the most impressive linebacker. He is going to play early at Michigan, I'm convinced. He is (enrolling) early so he'll go through spring football and he'll already be acclimated to the system. I don't know the Michigan depth chart real well, but I can't believe they've got three linebackers better than that guy."

Can Joe make an impact on Team 133?  Enrolling early and having spring practice under his belt won't hurt.

9:00: Michigan at Indiana a top 15 match up in the Big Ten on ESPN 2.  

Enjoy your evening!

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