Friday, January 6, 2012

Michigan Friday: Driving, Penn State and All Star Games

-I'm sure everyone has heard by now that Darryl Stonum got pulled over yesterday morning for driving with a suspended license.  Darryl was checking in with his probation officer for a 7:00am meeting and didn't have a ride.  Hoke said, there is no change in Darryl's status with the team.   Could that change?  It could but we will have to see how it plays out.   Let's hope everything goes smoothly.   Update: He was just sentenced to 10 days in jail this morning.  This now might end his career at Michigan.  This is sad and such a shame.

-Penn State is about to name a coach, who is only known for yelling at Tom Brady a few weeks ago.  Bill O'Brien the Patriots OC is expected to be named the new head coach at Penn State on Saturday. 

First let me ask you how former Patriots OC's have worked out as a head coaches?  Two names come to mind:  Charie Weis and Josh McDaniels.  Both failed as head coaches after leaving the Patriots.   I will repeat a statement, I made last week:  Having Tom Brady and Bill Belichick makes you look like a great coach, when your probably are not.  Places like Michigan, Penn State, USC, Alabama, Ohio State are not jobs where you hire an assistant for.  You have to know how to be a head coach because there are so many demands off the field as well as on.  Rich Rodriguez wasn't even ready for the job at Michigan, how is a guy that has never been a head coach at any level be ready for the Penn State job in the middle of situation that we have never seen in college football?  He can't be.  I am sure Penn State has had a terrible time finding a top candidate to replace JoPa but I don't believe this will end well.  I don't understand how he can coach the Patriots (if they make a run in the playoffs) and take this job.  Signing day is less then a month away.  

-There is another HS All American game on Saturday called the Army All American Game in San Antonio. Usually, Michigan has 2 or so commits playing in the game.  This year they have 5.   The game is at 1:00 on NBC.  Here are the Michigan commits and a couple of targets (bold players are commits):

East Team:
#12 CB Yuri Wright
#66 OL Kyle Dodson
#67 OL Kyle Kalis

West Team:
#6 LB James Ross
#10 LB Royce Jenkins-Stone
#53 DT Ondre Pipkins
#77 OL Erik Magnuson

  • Michigan played well on the road last night at IU.  Yes, they didn't get the win but they will learn from this experience that will help with the Big Tean season and for tournament time.   Kentucky and Ohio State have lost on that floor this year. 
  • I watched most of the Under Armour game and I really enjoyed watching Joe Bolden, I hope he turns into our next great LB at Michigan.  Terry Richardson played ok and returned a few punts.  Tried to find Josh Garnett but really didn't see much of him.


bsi said...

I watched the all star game last night as well. Bolden was a beast out there shedding blocks, dropping back into coverage well and seemed to be in the backfield the entire game. I though Richardson played well minus punt return. The last touchdown on him I think was an issue with the safety not coming over to help. Then Terry tried to recover the last minute but couldn't. Garnett actually played alot last night. He played with good leverage and hand placement. I think is only negative is he seems to lack a bite of upperbody strength but that will come at the next level.

Bob what do you think that chances are that Garnett goes blue? He seems to have formed a good relationship with some of the other Michigan recruits but with Stanford being his last visit it concerns me a little. Will the Michigan coaches be able to do a visit with him between his Stanford visit and his decision date?

Bob said...

I think Michigan's chances are very good. I think he can see himself playing with Kalis and his good friend Magnuson. He also wants to go to a great academic school.

The Stanford visit this weekend will be huge for him. I believe Brady has already visited him at home, so that could already he done. Which means lots of calls and help from Magnuson who is on record saying he will recruit him like crazy.