Thursday, January 12, 2012

Michigan Thursday: Final 4 Wish List

The Michigan coaches have a wish list to finish off this top 5 class nationally.   It's clear there are a few guys that they are targeting for these final 4 spots.  Here is how I believe the final 4 board looks for the Wolverine coaching staff with roughly 3 weeks left before signing day.  

#1.  Josh Garnett (5 star OT) is the big fish still left on the board for the Wolverines.   Josh will spend some time at Stanford this weekend and then will make his decision in two weeks.   Wolverines advantages are playing with good friend Erik Magnuson and strong academics.  Stanford of course has strong academics and it's closer to home.   He is clearly the top player on their board.

#2. Armani Reeves (4 star CB) is the top CB left on the board for the Wolverines.  Michigan has dropped Yuri Wright and even though they have made some inquiries about other players, it seems it's Armani or bust at CB for the final 4 spots.  Which seems like a pretty risky move with him still being committed to Penn State and looking to take at least one more visit to Happy Valley and maybe another school.  Let's hope the Michigan coaches know something we don't.

#3. Sam Grant (3 star TE) is the last TE on the board for the Wolverines.  This former BC commit is teammates with Kyle Kalis and is making his second trip to A2 this weekend.  Sam has been getting a ton of attention lately and just visited and picked up an Oklahoma offer.  I would put Sam on commit watch this weekend.  

#4.  Hold, Mystery or Diamond.  Michigan might just hold this spot for next year or leave it open for Jordan Diamond (5 star).   Jordan is coming in this weekend and won't announce until Signing Day.  I guess the coaches could take Garnett and Diamond but that would give them 7 offensive lineman in this class.   It's clear they want at least 6 but is 7 too much? 

It's clear Michigan doesn't want anymore WR's, DL's, LB's or Safeties in this class.  Which leaves cornerbacks, offensive lineman, quarterbacks or running backs.  We know Michigan has it's 5 star QB in the 2013 class and is recruiting RB's in 2013 as well.  

If I was a betting man, I would put money on Michigan not filling all 4 spots and trying to finish with the top 3 above.   We also know this staff can pull a few rabbits out of the hat since this time last year they just started recruiting for Michigan and brought in some new names in the last few weeks.   

On a side note, the mystery prospect that was being reported by ESPN is no longer coming to A2 next week.   So the only serious recruits I see for the Wolverines right now are the top 4 above. 

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Voice of Reason said...

Bob, any idea who the mystery guest was and why he didn't come?