Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Michigan Tuesday: 5 Star Search

Ondre Pipkins is arguably the most important Michigan recruit in the 2012 class.  Why?  Michigan loses Mike Martin and Ryan VanBurgen to the graduation and the NFL and only has a few options behind them.   We are all hoping for Big Will to turn into that 5 star prospect we all hoped he would be but behind him are either redshirt freshman or guys like Richard Ash.   Former offensive lineman Q Washington has gotten some good practice press but didn't play much during the year. 

Michigan has turned away other 5 star DL prospects from visiting because of Ondre Pipkins and now he is a 5 star recruit on Rivals thanks to a dominating Army All American game.   He still is 4 star on Scouts & 24/7 and unbelievably 3 stars on ESPN.  I expect him to move up on ESPN which many have questioned their ratings in the past.   (Some say he won't move up because he played in the Army game instead of ESPN's UA game).

Congrats to Ondre! 

  • The Rasputin Recruit - Guess whose back? Yes, it's Jordan Payton.  The Michigan coaches are doing an in home visit with him on Thursday.  He is still committed to Cal who just lost their top recruiter to Washington.   So Jordan is going to continue to look around.  With Michigan visiting him, it is clear they want a 3rd WR in this class.  I still think distance for his family is going to be a concern.

  • Everybody is checking in with Josh Garnett and what he will do.  He did mention in this interview that Michigan and Stanford are his top 2 and still hasn't made a decision yet but that Erik Magnuson is making it hard for him to go anywhere but A2.  We will see, he is a 9 days away from his announcement.  To answer a question that came up on the board a couple weeks ago, Coach Hoke will be in home with Josh and family this Saturday. 

  • 2013 OL target Logan Tuley-Tillman participated in Camp yesterday wearing a Michigan jacket after visiting OSU this past weekend.  Logan is also the lead story on ESPN's Wolverination right now.

  • Sounds like Madris is not visiting this weekend and that he maybe leaning towards MSU.

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