Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Michigan Tuesday: Bama, Tate and Greg Brown

Wow, is my only comment on the game last night.  Saban can really coach.   I hope that entire team goes to the NFL before they play Michigan next September.  Funny that the last two college teams to win in the Super Dome will play in the Jerry Dome next September.

I think Les should have tried his other QB Lee when LSU got behind by 2 scores.   Jefferson wasn't moving the ball and wasn't going to move the ball.   Side Story, I sat next to an LSU fan at the Sugar Bowl last week (locals could buy a package that included tickets to the Sugar and NC game).  He kept complaining about how anaemic the Michigan offense is and how that would never happen to LSU or an SEC team.   Oops!  

The Rise and Fall of Tate Focier:  Could it be the curse of Marv Marinovich who was Tate's QB coach in high school and of course the father of famous flame out QB Todd Marinovich?  Or maybe it's just Tate not wanting to do school work?   I don't know but I have real concerns about the future of this kid that took the Wolverine nation by storm just a few short years ago and now has flamed out of his second school. 

Tate has left the San Jose State program.  Sources said that he left due to academics.   Tate's father said, there were a number of issues including his family's financial issues.  Tate was not on scholarship and the family's business (Limo service) was not doing well.  Tate's father also said there was too much pressure and stress.  

Remember Greg Brown who was Michigan's first 2011 recruit to jump on board, enrolled early and played well in the Spring Game?   There were a number of rumors he was home sick as soon as he got on campus last January but he didn't leave the team until the middle of the season.   Greg ended up at a D2 school in Ohio named Findlay.   Good luck to him!

  • Congrats to Barry Larkin on getting voted into the Baseball Hall of Fame.  I don't know how many former Wolverines are in the Baseball Hall of Fame but I would guess it's a pretty short list.  

  • There are just a few more recruiting weekends before signing day (2/1) and this weekend should be a big one with Armani Reeves and Jordan Diamond for the 2012 class.  A couple of commits as well in Johnson and Clark. 

  • Michigan finished in the top 10 at #9 in the Coaches Poll.  The highest ranked Big Ten school.  In the AP they are ranked #12 behind MSU and Wisconsin.

  • Donovan Warren signed with the Bears.  He still is keeping his NFL career alive. 


uncle ron said...

For some reason I have a feeling that Armani Reeves is going to be Blue soon....just saying.
Go Blue!!!

Bob said...

I hope so, he might take a visit to OSU and then a final one to PSU.

As long as Tom Brady stays in the playoffs we should have a good shot, since Bill O'Brien is staying with the team until the playoffs is over.

They also just hired the former Auburn DC Ted Roof who left/got fired and has been with Central Florida for a month.

Each guy has some ground to make up with Armani for sure. He is also looking for a strong academic school.

Voice of Reason said...

I hope so too Ron. I'm also greedy I'd like both Garnett and Diamond. Well...a man can dream can't he.

uncle ron said...

"Voice" I'm right there with ya...partner.
Bob thats what I was thinking also and with the no bowl game next year at Ohio it might be just the ticket for a Blue Armani. If he's lookin' for acaademics then Michigan's the ticket from the 3 he's lookin' at. Playing time will be a lot sooner here then with the other two.
Go Blue

uncle ron said...

Anybody else see where Grand Rapids JC has folded it's football program. Apparently Demar is back in Florida and still says he wants to play at Michigan....

Theist313 said...

Donovan should have stayed one more year!!