Saturday, January 21, 2012

Wolverine Weekend Update: Stacey De-Commits

Cincy offensive lineman Caleb Stacey has decided to play his college football close to home at The University of Cincinnati rather then in Ann Arbor next year.   I'm sure it was very clear to him that Michigan was putting together the top offensive line class in the country and he might be the odd man out.

I hope this was his decision to change schools 2 weeks before signing day.  Caleb was Michigan's second commit in the 2012 class.  The plan now is for The Wolverines is to take 2 lineman out of Garnett, Diamond and Kozan.   They even might take all 3 if they want to commit.  I vote for all 3 with Kozan playing center.

Speaking of Garnett, his in home visit from Coach Hoke is being delayed a day due to weather in Seattle.  He should be there on Sunday.


Kid Adorable said...

I hear Grant decommited from BC. Any idea who might hold the edge now 'tween U-M, Oklahoma, and Arkansas?

Bob said...

Michigan! Book this one in the Win department. We should know for sure by Friday or so.

Late charge by OK, but I am betting on Kalis and Michigan.