Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NSD Blitz - Afternoon Thread

Latest is that Kozan is leaning toward Auburn instead of Iowa.   Of course these are the same folks that announced he picked Iowa on Sunday.  So we won't know until he signs with a school.   The Michigan coaches really like him and I'm sure they are putting on the full court press.  I think Michigan still has a shot here. 

All LOI's are in.  Didn't lose anyone and picked up one guy.   Diamond and Kozan still the board.  Doesn't look good for Kozan.  Diamond on Friday.

Update: Kozan skips his schools signing day ceremony.

 Update #2: Reports are now that he might not even make a decision today.   The kid sounds very conflicted.  Coach Hoke confirms they are still trying to land 2 big pieces still for this class.  aka: Kozan and Diamond.   There are "rumors" that Iowa and Auburn are full at his position - I don't buy it.  There is always room.  See Urban Meyer and OSU as an example. 

Hoke Presser at 2:00PM

  • Ben Braden in at 12:25
  • Mario Ojemudia in

  • Jordan Payton announced for UW yesterday and now is talking about signing with UCLA today. (USC, all most Michigan, all most ND, CAL, UW, UCLA?)

  • OSU signed another recruit, this time Kyle Dodson.  I guess the NCAA doesn't matter.  I feel sorry for the kids that are going to cut.

  • ND lost a highly rated recruit Deontay Greenberry to Houston.  

  • Cincinnati has the #29 class on Scouts, Michigan State #36


Chucky Gruden said...

Kozan, NOT COMING... to UM.

uncle ron said...

What the hell is going on in Columbus!!
The NCAA must be in Ohio's back pocket, or the real reason Urban left Florida is starting to show in Columbus.

Voice of Reason said...

He is bringing the SEC style of recruiting to the Big Ten, and with the NCAA not really caring how much osu screws up, looks like the Big Ten is on the fast track to trouble.

Caleb said...

I am surprised Auburn is "full" as all in the SEC oversign annually. Iowa although may very well be "full" and usually, like most of the B1G doesn't oversign.

Wolverines said...

With 6 early enrollees I think OSU had enough room with back counting. But I am not an expert on their recruiting, just live in the damn state.

Bob said...

The oversigning is due the Dispatch saying a week ago they were full and would have to cut players if they added any more. They also have 3 less spots due to the NCAA penality.

So every player they add over that period, which by my count is 3, they need to cut some players or have them transfer/leave the program.