Thursday, January 10, 2013

He Shall be Lewan

Elton John has a famous song called Levon.   When I heard the news that Michigan's All-American Tackle decided not to go to the NFL and stay at Michigan for his senior year, it reminded of this song and specifically this lyric:

And he shall be Lewan
And he shall be a good man
And he shall be Lewan
In tradition with the family plan
And he shall be Lewan
And he shall be a good man
He shall be Lewan

As you can see, I edited the lyrics a little bit.  That is huge news and I'm sure Devin Gardner is the happiest man on campus!

I wonder if he rode his bike to the press conference last night?

  • There were reports that Derrick Green was planning an Auburn visit this weekend.  Now it seems that report was false.   Maybe he heard about a tackle coming back to Michigan that might open a few holes for him?

  • Our old friend Treadwell will be announcing on Tuesday between Mississippi, Oklahoma and Oklahoma State.

  • Michigan beat Nebraska last night for it's 16th win of the year.  They travel to C-Bus this weekend for the toughest test of the season.   This team is really good folks, they will lose a few games when the 3 Ball doesn't drop but they are very fun to watch. 

  • Brian Kelly interviewed with the Eagles on Tuesday.  

  • Denard will be attending the Senior Bowl as a WR.  This is great news for Denard,  if he has a great performance this will help his draft stock. 

  • If you have followed this blog from the beginning you know that I'm concerned about concussions and head trauma in football at all levels.   Reports are today that Junior Seau did have brain damage and a condition called CTE (which boxers call being "punch drunk").   CTE can only be identified during an autopsy.  Researchers at Boston University have found CTE in the brains of 33 deceased NFL players.


Lionman said...

Taylor's return is great news -- that made my day! C'mon Derrick, be a Michigan Man too! Go Blue!!!

Voice of Reason said...

It looks as though Lewan will be leading and grooming the "NASTY BOYZ" into a new Michigan era of line play. Good for him.

uncle ron said...

Congrats to Taylor...Ya know the best thing about that National Championship game was they both wore tradional uniforms....good for them, to hell with all that fancy shamsy stuff.