Friday, January 11, 2013

Michigan Friday: Last Big Visit Weekend?

The Michigan coaches don't like to take their class down to the wire.  In fact, I think they would have preferred to have everything wrapped up a month ago.    Sadly, it's not and Michigan is still waiting on the #1 RB in the country to make his decision, plus a couple more players.  The "couple more players" could be filled this weekend. 

  • Cameron Hunt a 4 Star OL from California will be in Ann Arbor this weekend.  The word is he is high on Michigan and hung out with the recruits during the UA game last week.   He is currently a Cal commit but has plans to visit to Oregon as well.   Cameron did receive a Ohio State offer last week and is thinking about visiting Columbus as well.   I think there is a chance for Cameron to commit this weekend but he is saying right now he will at least take the trip to Nike Town.

  • Reon Dawson is a 3 star DB (Rivals) that plays at Trotwood-Madison in Ohio.  He is a taller DB that Michigan is looking for a 6'2 and 175 pounds.  He is currently committed to Illinois but is also visiting Ann Arbor this weekend as well.   Insiders believe there is a good chance Reon flips to Michigan this weekend as well.

  • Dan Samuelson is a 3 star OL that visited Michigan back in December.   Dan is committed to Nebraska but is considering the Wolverines as well.   Dan is planning to announce his decision between Nebraska and Michigan on Monday.  The "word" is distance to Nebraska is a factor and that Dan and his family might prefer Michigan and the shorter trip to Ann Arbor from his home in Indiana.  Dan is making an official visit back to Ann Arbor this weekend.

So here is a question:  Is it first come from serve for the last OL spot in the class between Cam and Dan?

I think so, but I also think Michigan might take them both.   With Lewan coming back there doesn't seem to be a great need to take a 7th offensive lineman in this class.   If Michigan gets two or 3 commitments this weekend (including Monday) they will be just waiting for Mr. Green to hopefully be Blue. 

Side Note:  I think Foster and LaRue are pipe dreams at this point.  At this point, I don't expect Michigan to sign another WR in this class. 

Side Note #2:  Does anyone find it strange that Brian Kelly is taking a vacation a few weeks before National Signing day?   I know he had a lot of stress the last few weeks but most coaches take time off starting in Mid-February not in Mid-January.   Is this a sign he might be heading to the NFL?


Jer89 said...

I believe Michigan takes two more O linmen in the class. I have believed that for awhile.

And Brian Kelly is gone. At least I think so.

d_ronii said...

Kelly has proven throughout his career that he is a fast track coach that will move to the next best situation for him. He will be gone this year or next

Voice of Reason said...

It's my understanding; much like yours is that Michigan is open to taking two more OL-linesmen. That may be necessary (although I hate to see them all in the same class) because of Rich Rod's woefully poor OL recruiting when he was here. I think teams have a certain number in their minds about how many they should have on their roster, and so Hoke is trying to catch up.

Regarding B-Kelly (yes another Kelly) the same Philadelphia Eagles team had a clandestine meeting with him and it didn't come out until maybe 48 hours later. Reports coming out of Philadelphia are that Kelly will have a second meeting with Eagles brass next week. B-Kelly is a football mercenary. IMO

Lionman said...

Dan Samuelson commited BLUE today, a good pickup but this is like his fourth committment. Hope his work ethic is good, and wonder if he was working his way up to better offers, or is be wishy~washy???? Go Blue!