Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Helps With Job Openings

  • The first job that has come open is a Chef position for former Michigan QB Denard Robinson.   He cut his right hand requiring 10 stitches and he said the reason was:  "I think I'm a chef".  Please reply for this position directly to Denard's agent.

  • Next is Gordon Gee who gets his wish and will now open for Carrot Top!  The current OSU President is going to retire on July 1.  Look for him to start touring with Carrot Top as soon as August!  New Presidential candidates will not be allowed to have any comedic backgrounds.  Which is bad news for Lisa Lampanelli who was expected to be a perfect fit.

  • Famous Basketball Referee Ed Hightower has announced his retirement after next year season.  I suggest the Military interview him to figure out how he has refereed every basketball game across the country for the last 10+ years.   That guy was everywhere! 

  • Former Michigan Basketball Player Travis Colan has resigned from the Michigan Basketball Program.  He was some type of administrative assistant and the rumor is he might accept a assistant coaching job at U of D.  Speculation is maybe Zach Novak might be interested if he is done playing overseas?  We will see, I sort of expect Zach to look for a gig in the business world.  This job is more for a stepping stone to be a assistant coach.

  • 2013 super recruit 5 Star DT Eddie Vanderdoes who signed his LOI to attend Notre Dame is now going to UCLA.  It seems he got cold feet heading across country and wants to stay in California.  He can play right away as long as ND lets him out of his LOI.   Add Eddie to the long list of players leaving the ND program over the last couple of years.

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