Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Wolverine Wednesday: Hitting Rock Bottom

Does anyone know how the hell we got here? 

Didn't Michigan just win (ugly yes) a BCS Bowl game a few years ago?

Didn't Michigan just beat a team that was in the National Championship game earlier this year?

How in the hell did we get here?

The year started to unravel when Michigan struggled to beat two of the worst teams in D1 football in Akron and UConn.  

Then Michigan goes to Happy Valley and loses to a bunch of walk-on's in OT. 

Michigan then travels to East Lansing and gets out coached and embarrassed.

They come home and lose to a Nebraska team that can't stop the run but had plenty of tape on how to beat the Wolverines and the Michigan coaches obliged.

The #1 recruit in the nation that had Michigan leading during his entire recruitment, picks the #1 program in college football over the Wolverines.

Michigan than goes out and offers a Missouri recruit whose from the State of Michigan but prefers to stay with his commitment or go to ND.

Michigan then loses a 14 point lead on the road to an Iowa team that runs a complicated flag football offense.

On Tuesday, it seems Michigan prefers not to recruit anymore 2014 prospects and takes their 2014"gray shirt" off "gray shirt" and offers him a full 2014 scholarship.  (I'm happy for him, but not sure how you go from having a 5 star in the bank to pulling the gray shirt off your 2 star prospect?).

Then the crushing news yesterday that Jabrill Peppers is going to take his official visits.   Which by Michigan rules means he is no longer committed to Michigan.    Peppers says he is still committed and loves U of M but it's clear he is keeping his options open.   Don't be surprised if he picks a school like Alabama on whichever all star game he is playing in.

Nobody is giving Michigan even a fighting chance on Saturday and most people are expecting a blow out loss for the Wolverines.   ESPN and other outlets are wondering if a one loss team would jump the un-defeated Buckeyes.

This is it folks, the bottom.   At least with RR we knew we were going to suck  and were willing to wait for the future explosive offense.   He couldn't find a defense or a good fit in Ann Arbor and he is now out in Arizona celebrating a win over Oregon last weekend.

Now Coach Hoke is here and has a team full of talent that continues to lose ground on Michigan's biggest rivals Michigan State and Ohio State.    His team is terrible on the road and his offense is regressing with a 5 star QB, 5 star RB and line full of 4 & 5 star players.   I don't want to hear about it taking time:  Urban Meyer hasn't lost in 2 years and Auburn has come back from the dead is ranked #5 with a brand new coach.    USC is even ranked after firing Kiffin earlier this year.       

I can't believe I'm to this point, but Brandon might have a difficult decision to make on Sunday if Michigan gets beat by 50 on Saturday.   The above list of failures is going to be very hard to ignore if Michigan gets embarrassed again.  I'm not a big fan of Les Miles and think he is off his rocker most days, but it might be time to bring the mad hatter to Ann Arbor to try to turn this shit around.  

Right now, this very moment if Michigan could get LSU's top 3 coaches, would you take them?

-Les Miles, head coach
-Cam Cameron, OC
-John Chavis, DC

I sure would.  

Most believe Les would never say "no" to Michigan.  He is not getting any younger and Michigan is getting further and further away from the winning tradition of Fielding, Harry, Fritz, Benny, Bump and Bo.

Maybe it's time to hire a proven winner (who by all means is a bit crazy) that can build and maintain a program that can stand up to Meyer and Dantonio every year.  

Rock Bottom


umvictortoronto said...

Wow, you said a lot. I always thought that Harbaugh was the guy. But when he took off to the NFL I hoped it was going to be Miles. That didn't happen because Brandon put his personal feelings above those of the school and the program. He hired a tier 2 coach that he knew he would have total control over. Hoke to his credit brought in experience but it hasn't worked.

Squashman said...

Added disappointment to me was not sitting Lewan after the Michigan State crap he pulled. What happened to the "team" concept. Hoke needed to sit him. A team captain no less.

I still think Hoke needs another 2 years unless they really suck next year. It is possible they could suck given the current lack of evidence that the offense can improve. His next move is to replace Borges, Funk and hire a QB coach. I know Brady is loyal, but he needs to make that decision for the good of his program.

Having said all that....I still anticipate a closer game on Saturday than most think. We will play with them for 3 quarters then fall apart.

BTW- please not Miles....ever.

Scott K said...

Brady has another season, if not two. Borges NEEDS to go, or he'll be the end of Hoke, like greg robinson was the end of RR.

Didn't we try to get Les Miles twice already?? As I recall, Michigan showing interest before and after RR, cause Les to get two very hefty pay raises from LSU. I don't see him leaving the bayou.

The irony is RR had two terrible seasons, but improved every year... Brady had a great first season (with RR's team) and only got worse from there... RR haters, happy now? At least our offense was capable of scoring and gave us a punchers chance in every game...
Saturday is going to hurt, this isn't 1969 and Brady isn't Bo.

Go Blue.

Big35Hurt said...

No sense getting all worked up AGAIN.....the year is lost. Who cares if we lose by 2 or 2000 vs Ohio? It means nothing in the grand scheme of things right now. In all honesty, Hoke needs to stay. He's bringing in the needed talent. He just needs to get rid of Borges and this young team needs 1 more off season under their belts. If Big Al stays, Hoke's days are unfortunately numbered. If he goes, I can envision the days where Michigan improves exponentially and in a hurry. The defense will always be good with the athletes we see getting & Mattisom at the helm. We have the kicking game locked up already. On offense, QB is not a trouble spot. RB will not be a trouble spot. WR with Darboh, Harris, then Campbell coming in seems to be addressed long term too. TE is loaded going forward. The OLine is young but loaded with upside too. So, in all honesty, if Borges & Funk go away, and the OLine & play calling improve, then this team takes a HUGE step forward. So, the question is, does Hoke have the "balls" to fire Al & Funk? If not, he better start looking at MAC scouting reports.....

Scott K said...

I bet Cam Cameron might be game to become Michigan's HC... or hell, how about coach Mattison?

Big35Hurt said...

Before I get all of the replies about my comment "QB is not a trouble spot".......if the OLine play improves, the entire offense will look 1000x better including Gardner/Morris...

Kay T said...

Your's is the first blog I check each day. Your comments are spot one and I could not agree more. Fans always point to youth, inexperience, coaching tenure, blah, blah, blah. Urz has yet to lose in CBus. Auburn is killing it with a first year HC. Coaching matters. I was not surprised by Pepper's Tweet and have no doubt he'll bail. Keeping in line with the last 7 or 8 games, UM will come out with a decent drive, the D will play well but the O will punt, punt and punt some more while O$U runs up the score. Rich Rod sucked at Michigan and Brady is not doing much better. I don't have answers I'm just sick of watching this program fall deeper with each passing season.