Monday, December 2, 2013

Michigan Monday: Looks for Examples

Here are a couple different but similar examples of where Michigan is and what other programs are doing:

  • Auburn and Missouri combined for two SEC wins last year and now is in the Championship game.

  • After a terrible year, Florida fired their OC yesterday and looks to be keeping head coach Will Muschamp.  They did not qualify for a bowl game.

  • Texas A&M locked in Kevin Sumlin for another 6 years.

  • USC reportedly is down to 3 candidates for their head coaching job.   Steve Sarkisian - Washington's head coach, James Franklin - Vandy's head coach and Boise State's Chris Peterson.  Sarkisian was on staff at USC under Pete Carroll and if you can win at Boise State or Vandy, you can coach.  I think Sarkisian is the favorite for the job.   There were many reports he was a candidate for the Michigan job before they hired Brady Hoke.  It's unknown if Brandon interviewed him or not.   I applaud USC AD Pat Haden for doing his research and making a decision in early December.   Michigan is also rumored to be playing Vandy in the Gator Bowl.

  • Bo Pelini of Nebraska, who lost to Iowa on Friday went off in a press conference and it looks like Nebraska is going to stick with him.

Does Michigan's good offensive performance on Saturday save Big Al's job?

Probably, at least through the bowl game.  I don't see Brandon or Hoke firing him before January 1 and knowing how loyal Hoke is to his assistants, I think Big Al has probably bought another year in the role.   My question is, will Big Al be running an offense that can beat ND, MSU (again) and Ohio State on the road next year?  I doubt it.  

Setting the Table for OSU:

So OSU stops Michigan from a 2pt conversion and now faces MSU in the championship game.   A few hours later, Auburn returns a field goal with no time left on the clock to beat #1 Alabama.   Not to mention the #1 team in the land FSU could be without their best player and QB if he gets charged.    OSU is now #2 in the BCS but taking it on the chin for the terrible Big Ten.

A couple of thoughts, it will be interesting to see what the Big Ten does to the players who were involved in the fight on Saturday.   Will they have the guts to sit them for the Big Ten Championship game?

The OSU vs. MSU match-up will not be a walk over for Ohio State.   It will be OSU offense vs. MSU's defense.  If that is a "push" then MSU might have a slight edge with their improving offense vs. OSU defense.  I see a low scoring game that could go either way.

ESPN's Colin Coward:

Today, called Michigan awful and earlier this year that he thought Michigan was a year away from being a top 5 program.  He said he was very wrong and "they are not close", because Michigan is slow & thin on defense & can't control the edge, has inconsistent QB play and doesn't resemble anything close to a top 15 team.   He said Brady Hoke can recruit but they are not developing talent.

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