Friday, June 26, 2015

Pewee Going To Transfer - Jimmy Asks Him To Retire

This might get ugly folks.   It's life in Big Time Football.  

I have always been a fan of Ondre "Pewee" Pipkins.   He was a big 4 star recruit in a much needed position.   We have been waiting for him to blow up offensive lineman and be a big factor on defense.   That time never came and it looks like it won't be.

ESPN has a story on their front page that Jimmy pressured Pewee to retire due to injury concerns.  

Pewee says he believe he is healthy and ready to play during his senior year.  

"I feel I'm healthy and ready to play," said Pipkins, who played last season after he was cleared to return from a torn knee ligament. "I don't want to sign the form. I wanted to play for my seniors and for the team. Coach Harbaugh said, 'I recommend you take the medical.'"

Jimmy disagrees:

"After consulting with our medical team, we do not think it is in Ondre's best interest as it relates to his health and welfare to play football, short or long term," Harbaugh said in a statement given to ESPN on Friday. "He remains on full scholarship and counts toward the 85 scholarship limit in pursuit of graduation from the University of Michigan."

Sounds like Pewee has had a number of injuries at Michigan:

  • 2 concussions (last one in Spring Ball)
  • ACL tear
  • Arthritis in the injured knee
As I said, I'm a fan of Pewee and if you have followed this blog you know what I think about concussions.  After his second one,  I don't think he should play football any longer.   That is my opinion, which doesn't matter here.   I don't like that Pewee can't finish his football career and his education at Michigan but I also don't like the risks of him playing.   Neither side is wrong but none of it feels right.

*Brian at Mgoblog makes a good point, why would Jimmy want his scholarship?  Michigan is at 85 right now and Pewee is a senior.   Having a extra spot in the Fall helps the team out how?  It wouldn't effect the 2016 class and they just turned away a DE transfer from ND. 


Scott Winar said...

Some people get hurt and never heal right, if diagnosis is accurate and he should not play, then Harbaugh has to make logical decisions, not sentimental reasoning. We need a football coach, and not a "butt patter" like Hoke, who refused to even wear a head set... disagree with the Ace article, picking on Harbaugh , like he's a monster (disguised as a football coach)... we need a leader like Patton, not a wus like Omar Bradley...
I sprained an ankle severely when I was 20 sky diving, I where my shoes out differently from just an ankle sprain for the next forty years, if the doctor's say best not to play, then do not play him, remember "the count" got hurt, and never was the same. Remember, Bo's attrition was tremendous his first season, where do you think that saying "those who say will be champions.
I don't like that article from ace one bit, and in goes along the line how Rich rod was treated... let the man play a (coach a few seasons)... maybe Ace misses a butt patter... maybe he longs for Brucey Jenner... in high heels and a headset.

Voice of Reason said...

Medically it's also that issue of the arthritis in the knee that was likely the straw that made the difference for Harbaugh. From those who've had arthritis they tell me it's a monster, and there is no cure for it presently, and it is what will keep him out of the NFL (IMO). I agree with Harbaugh, he wants to give the kid an opportunity to run and play with his children in five to ten years. Your health is worth more than a pro career. IMHO!!!