Monday, July 6, 2015

Breaking News: Michigan Picks Nike and Jumpman for Basketball

The final verdict on Wolverine Shoe Wars are in:  Michigan picks Nike. 

All sports will wear the Nike Brand but the basketball teams will sport the very popular Jordan/Jumpman brand.   Schools like North Carolina, Georgetown and Marquette also wear the Jumpman logo for basketball.   If your wondering:  Yes, it will help recruiting as most kids want to wear Nike and the now the Jordan brand.   The deal will run from August 2016 -2027.

No financials were released but the rumor is Michigan left a few dollars on the table from Adidas to go back to Nike.  It is expected this is Nike's largest University deal.

Jim Hackett lands Jimmy and Nike within 6-7 months and is now expected to turn the job over in the coming months.   This might be the best run an AD has ever had!   #Hackett Job!

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