Monday, July 6, 2015

Michigan Monday: Hawkins Commitment Re-Visited and Nike?

Breaking News:  One Michigan Insider is reporting that Michigan is expected to announce a deal with Nike this week.

Hope everyone had a nice holiday weekend.

It's old news now but Michigan grabbed it's first outside WR in 2016 class on Friday.   Brad Hawkins is a 4 star WR across the board.   ESPN has the highest ranking as the #191 player in the nation.   Most services have him around the 200th player in the country.

Brad is 6'2 and 195 pounds and a good size for a WR.  He is known for his good hands and route running.  Brad is not considered a burner but will get you a catch in traffic.   A few sites have compared him to Junior Hemingway and I would agree.

His offer list is an impressive one with the likes of:  Florida, AZ, ASU, Auburn, Miami, MSU, ND, OSU, Penn State, Oregon, VT, South Carolina, Maryland, WVU and others.

Mike continues the Michigan/NJ pipeline which of course is brand new and having great results.  

With now 21 players in the class (including St-Juste), the dorm rooms in Ann Arbor are close to full.  I can't see this class going above 25 players but it looks like it could.   If kids come in early (January) they could back date a few scholarships.   Michigan only had two players (Malzone and Cole) enroll early in the last class.

Michigan is still looking for a TE, DT, another WR, 1 more OL and a LB.  This class could be very close to full by the start of the season. 

  • This is a week or so old but here is an article from ESPN on Michigan building relationships in NJ. 

  • Lakewood, Ohio St. Edward cornerback Tony Butler de-committed from Pitt over the weekend.  He is visiting Michigan on 7/15.  This will be his second visit to Ann Arbor.  


Big35Hurt said...

Love the Hawkins video! Great hands, most impressive is the use of his college ready body positioning on a number of those plays to shield defenders. He's going to be a good one.

Scott Winar said...