Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Basketball Recruiting Is An Ugly Business

I'm sure you heard by now that Tyus Battle committed to Syracuse.   That has a coach that is retiring and a program heading for probation.  Tyus said that Syracuse is just closer to his home and the reason he picked them over the Wolverines.  "Michigan is a great school, and I love the people, the staff and Coach Beilein," Battle said. "But the key was the distance."

So what's the issue with a 17 year old kid changing his mind?   Nothing really, he has every right to.  The issue is with his original decision. Michigan was looking at two highly ranked players Tyus and SF Josh Langford.  Tyus committed to Michigan to "hold his spot" and to make sure Josh didn't grab it.    Michigan stopped recruiting Josh and he committed to MSU.  Tyus bails on Michigan and leaves a big hole in that class. 

In football, you can recover from things like this when you are recruiting 25 kids.   When your recruiting 2 or 3 kids in basketball it's very tough.   Michigan will never be a Kentucky or Duke when it comes to these one and done kids, so don't expect a ton of 5 star guys in the future unless they have the personality of a Mitch McGary. 

I'll stick with a coach with that operates with honesty and class over a one and done superstar.  Keep finding under the radar that you can develop into 1st round draft picks, Coach!

  • The Elite 11 confuses me.  Earlier in the week they reported Brandon Peters wasn't in the top 11 and then the final 11 comes out and he is on the list.   Congrats Brandon on a great week.  I really like his upside!

  • Sounds like Oklahoma is standing out for 5 star CA LB Caleb Kelly right now.


Renegade said...

"Michigan stopped recruiting Josh and he committed to MSU."

This kind of flip flop happens all the time when you are dealing with 17/18 year old kids (not adults). Perhaps Beilein should have continued to recruit Langford. My apologies, Beilein should definitely continued to recruit him. As you well know, verbal commits, and request to "hold his spot", which I assume is not even a verbal commit, have no real meaning. LOI seals the deal.

And what is the point of taking a shot at Boeheim? His actions have nothing to do with this other than he probably recruited the kid.

Anonymous said...

I don't really think he took a shot at Boeheim, but Boeheim deserves one. Let's face it getting these top players to commit anywhere is dicey at best in any sport. We all hold our breath until they sign on the line.

Voice of Reason said...

It appears in reading between the lines here, that he committed to Michigan in the beginning, then as the kid indicated his family responded telling him that he need to continue to look around and that (maybe) indicating that they wanted him be closer to home. I believe for what it's worth that the kid responded to his family's counseling here and if it was left up to him he would have stayed with Michigan. However, such is the process. IMHO!!!