Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Michigan Tuesday: Tries to Count To 25

There is a lot of excitement around the Michigan Football program right now.   Jimmy is back, Michigan's #1 rival just won a NC last year and MSU has been playing better football then Michigan for a few years.  That sets up for some great football for the next 10 years or so.

Fans are excited, recruits are excited and you can tell by how quickly the 2016 class has filled up this summer.   Jimmy's tour really helped and the BBQ was just another "candle on the cake" as the 2016 class stands at 22 players right now.   The word on the street is Michigan is looking to fill a class of 25 kids this year with somewhere near 15 spots available.

That means there will be quite a few 5th year guys not asked back and of course some more transfers.   What has me confused is all the guys they are recruiting for 3 more spots.   Of course, Michigan can backdate scholarships for a few guys that enroll in January, but are there still enough spots?

Michigan would like a TE, one more offensive lineman, a WR, DT and a LB.   That is 5 positions for 3 more spots.  Then you look at the guys they are still recruiting:

- California DB Lamar Jackson will take an official visit to A2 on Oct 17th
- Instate CB Lavert Hill and current PSU commit
-TX Safety Chris Brown
-OH DB Tony Butler

-Instate WR Donnie Corley
-NJ WR Donald Stewart
-NJ WR Ahmir Mitchell

-NC OT Landon Dickerson
-MD OG Terrance Davis
-TX OT Jean Delance
-PA OG Johncarlo Valentin

-FL  ILB Devin Bush Jr
-CO OLB Carlo Kemp
-CA OLB Caleb Kelly
-TX LB Dontavious Jackson

-NJ DT Rashan Gary

-PA TE Naseir Upshur
-FL TE Isaac Nauta

Those are 18 kids off the top of my head (I'm sure I missed a few) that the Michigan staff is continuing to recruit for the 2016 class.   Of course, Michigan won't get all those guys and just one from each position. 

Then you get to the point of how do you turn down guys like Kelly or Gary if they want to commit?  The answer is you don't.   The DB recruiting is strange to me as it seems the Wolverines have enough in the class

If I'm on the WR, DB, OL or LB list and want to be a Wolverine, I would be nervous about having a spot. 

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d_ronii said...

Sam Webb has said before that this class could get to 28 plus St. Juste could be reclassified to 2017