Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wolverine Wednesday: Air Jourdan is Back & The King

The biggest news coming out of Schembechler Hall yesterday was that Jourdan Lewis will be back for his senior year.  This is great news for a Wolverine Defense that if they get any LB play should have a very good unit next year.   As a poster on Mgoblog's said,  he couldn't pass up an opportunity to be Jourdan in Jordan's next season!

  • Kingston Davis the Alabama RB that committed this summer and has been looking around at other schools.  His offer list has grown to include Florida, LSU, Ole Miss, Nebraska, Miss State and others.   He decided he will sign his LOI on Thursday and enroll in January in Ann Arbor.  Rivals has him ranked as the #2 FB in the nation but expect him to play tailback in A2.

  • We will know Devin Bush's school of choice at 12:30 today.  Sam Webb believes he will be heading to Ann Arbor and the Crystal Balls on 24/7 has been trending lately to FSU.   So it could go either way.  If I had to guess, I think he stays in Florida and goes to the school where his dad played.  His sister plays softball at FSU but he has two teammates Gill and Metellus that are heading to Ann Arbor next year.  They both confirmed they were 100% Blue yesterday.   Noon Update:  The latest buzz is very positive for Michigan.  We will know within an hour. Devin is BLUE!

  • Caris LeVert messed around last night and had a triple double.   Duncan Robinson had 18 points on 6 - 3's last night as well (all in the first half).

  • Bo Ryan decided to step down as Wisconsin's head coach last night.  It seems this was a way to see if his assistant coach can handle the job. 

  • Michigan had some interest in transfer QB Dakota Prukop who committed to Oregon last night.


Big35Hurt said...

Nate Johnson's Sr Highlight video. I commented earlier in the week that it was the most impressive video I've seen since Treadwell was in HS.
Here's the link:

Scott K said...

BANG, Bush goes Blue..... Walker, you're next young man!

Big35Hurt said...

Big GET for Jimmy!

Bob said...

Could be a good week boys!!

Tim said...

It has been a long time since I have been this excited about Michigan football!

Scott K said...

This could actually tip the dominos. If Walker commits tomorrow, which seems like the most likely of all the targets left out there, and Gary commits on NSD.... This will be the top recruiting class in the country.... Add a Terrence Davis and a LaVert Hill for good measure, J Jones maybe, that's all gravy. can jim steal corley from sparty?

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