Friday, February 12, 2016

Michigan Friday: The ACC's Turn

It wouldn't be fun, if the ACC didn't chime in as well, John Swofford, ACC Commissioner:

“It is creative,” Swofford told the show. “It’s kind of like we’re going to take you on vacation but you’ve got to practice while we’re on vacation … it’s a huge intrusion on a college student’s life and taking his ability to have a break out of his hands. I guess it depends on how you look at it.”

Swofford was asked if he believes a rule against such spring football trips will be in place this time next year.

“I would guess so,” he said. “I haven’t talked to a lot of people specifically about this particular idea because to be honest with you I’m not sure anybody has really specifically talked about that or thought a whole lot about it.

“But based on conversations with other commissioners and athletic directors and faculty representatives and so forth regarding the whole time-demand issue, I would guess that this will be addressed at the NCAA level through the appropriate processes. But we’ll see. I could be wrong. I’ve been wrong before, but my guess is it will be addressed.”

No word from the American Athletic Conference yet. (that's the one with UCF, UConn and Cincy in it). 

  • One of Michigan's top targets in 2017 is right in our own backyard with 5 star WR Donovan Peoples-Jones.  Jimmy called him on signing day. 

  • Another top target is CO QB Dylan McCaffrey, you might know his brother if you watched the Rose Bowl or any Stanford game this past year.   Or his Dad from watching the NFL in the 90's. 

  • Michigan commit and 2017 three-star wide receiver Jeremiah Holloman has de-committed from the Wolverines 2017 class.  Plenty of time to find a replacement. 


Harbaugh NationA2 said...

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Mike T said...

A lot of great local talent for 17...

WR People-Jones
LB Ross
CB Thomas
S Kelly-Powell
LB Simmons
ATH Stritzinger
OL Hall (Committed)

Getting all of them should be a priority

And there's a few more....

Scott K said...

Holloman decommits..... I'm betting a bunch of teammates were talking about how cool the official visits are. LOL

Jhon Key said...

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Voice of Reason said...

My question is where are the Big Ten coaches, and athletic directors in this fight with the SEC and ACC? These other conferences are unified and lining up against a Big Ten school and our silence is deafening. If the Big Ten is not supporting one of their own because they believe that Jim Harbaugh has brought this own himself then they're missing the point. The nation and the NCAA will see the Big Ten as a wussy conference that anyone can bully without consequences.

When I was growing up families could argue and fight amongst themselves but when an outsider stepped in that's when the family united. Don Corleone's message was that you never take sides against the family. If the Big Ten doesn't speak up for one of it's own then is not the conference I thought it was.

If these other conferences succeed then the Big Ten will lose more than they can imagine in the long run. This has to do with the integrity of the entire conference and not just Coach Harbaugh. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

The #1 reason is because they fear Jim and what he's doing at M.

Last night we got our 2017 QB. Mr. Dylan McCaffrey, welcome to Michigan!