Thursday, February 4, 2016

Michigan Thursday: NSD Hangover

We covered a ton of ground yesterday as Jimmy stole the show nationally with the Signing of the Stars event and reeling in the #1 recruit.   Today lets take a look at some of the new players that joined the Wolverines yesterday. 

Rashan Gary:  The undisputed #1 player in the country to all the services and 5 star DT.  He is 6'5 nearly 300 pounds and a game changer on the defensive line.   He had 13.5 sacks this year and 55 total tackles.  I'm sure he came to Michigan for the education and to be coached by Greg Mattison.

Gary had offers from everyone, so listing all the schools doesn't make a ton of sense.  His final decision came down to Michigan and Clemson.  He said he didn't make a final decision until he was walking to the ESPN set to make the announcement.  That is a little too close for comfort for Wolverine fans but it worked out in our favor.  BTW, I didn't watch the announcement because I watched the DeShawn Hand announcement and thought I would jinx this one!  :)

Rashan will be in the regular rotation on the already talented defensive line.  Don't forget that Glasgow and Mone will be back from injury as well.   With the defensive line constantly rotating, playing time won't be an issue for the talented freshman.    I could also see him playing some DE as well. 

Let's hope Rashan gets to school this summer and gets in the S&C program as early as possible.   Probably the best recruit Michigan has had in 20 years.  His body is already college ready.

LaVert Hill:  A local 4 star CB.   Even though his brother is already a Wolverine, LaVert committed early to Penn State.  He is 5'10 and 175 pounds and is considered a really good cover corner.  He was an Army All American and a top 100 player to Rivals and 24/7.   He played for Cass Tech before transferring to King. 

His offer list, included the likes of OSU, MSU, PSU, Clemson, USC, UCLA, Wisconsin, Texas, Miami, Georgia, and many more. 

I like Hill and Long's chances of seeing the field early as they will need to be ready to go in 2017.    I doubt either will redshirt.   Hill will need to add a few pounds while working on his run and zone coverages as a Wolverine.

Devin Asiasi:  I was disappointed that Michigan didn't land Nata at the Under Armour game.  I thought any TE that didn't want to play for Jimmy's offense was making a mistake.   Well, the Michigan staff sure did make up for that has the Wolverines brought in two highly ranked TE's in the final weeks of recruiting in Eubanks and Asiasi. 

Devin is another Army All American/ 4 star TE.  He is 6'5 and 255 pounds and Rivals #2 TE and 46th ranked player in the nation.  His offer list included pretty much everyone as well:  USC, Oregon, Washington, UCLA, ND, CAL, Alabama, Arizona, Auburn, Miami, Nebraska and many more. 

Devin played both TE and on the Defensive line in high school but prefers the TE position in college.   He is a big body that can block and also catch the ball, it's exactly what Jimmy loves in a TE prospect.   This is a big time prospect and getting him to come to Michigan from California is great work by both Coach Harbaugh's. 

Devin has the ability to redshirt if the Wolverines need to but my guess is his talent will get him on the field on as a freshman.  Getting to learn from Jake Butt will be great experience for Devin. 

Quinn Nordin is the #1 ranked kicker in the country.  Michigan will now have 3 scholarship kickers on the roster which is a lot.   Quinn will most likely red-shirt as Kenny and Andrew David are ahead of him on the roster.   If there is an injury to Kenny, Quinn will get a shot at the starting role as I have heard a few whispers that the coaches are not real thrilled with Andrew's kicking in practice.   With that said, Quinn might get a chance to start at punter as Michigan has a open spot if the Michigan staff doesn't want Kenny to do both.

Quinn had 15 scholarship offers and was a former PSU commit.

Side note:  Michigan took a PWO punter yesterday as well from Cleveland named Will Hart.  Here is his bio from Kohl's Kicking Camp. 

  • Erik "Soup" Campbell is leaving Michigan's staff to take the UConn WR coaching job.  Props to Jimmy giving him a job while he looked for an on the field coaching gig.

I think the only real loss to the class was Devery Hamilton, other then that this class finished as good as expected.    Can't wait for Spring Ball to see the EE and Fall Camp for the rest of the class!

Jimmy watching the Gary announcement during the Stars event!


Big35Hurt said...


THANKS for NOT watching the announcement! LOL

I think the Elliott loss was also a big one in addition to Hamilton's. One thing is for sure, we better hit it hard on 2017 on the OLine recruiting. You can't play smash mouth football without the big dominating guys up front. I do think we got 2 really good OG's in this class, but obviously we didn't get much depth.

All in all, I'm extremely happy with this class. It surpassed all expectations.


Voice of Reason said...

Thanks Bob, I know I echo the sentiments of my fellow Wolverine Inmates when I say that you've done an exceptionally fine job with this coverage. Keep up the great work.
Go Blue! IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

The Alabama pipeline has been opened!! Bam Richards, head coach of Prattville Alabama HS has been hired.