Thursday, February 11, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Too Close For Comfort

Sam Webb has a nice piece with Rashan's mom on how close the decision really was a week ago. 

"He was really indecisive even on our way (to the announcement),” Coney recalled. “I said 'Rashan we're gonna have to pray on it, and if you can't figure it out, it's OK. You don't have to decide. You don't owe anybody anything except for yourself.’ But something I couldn’t do (at that point) was I couldn't tell Rashan what I thought was best for him. Rashan can never say 'well, mom, if I would've went here such and such would happen.’  I couldn't do that, so I said, ‘if you can't decide then that's OK, you don't have to sign today.’ We went, he ate and he was by himself. He stepped away for like 10, 15 minutes and he came back and he said he got it. I never asked him. I know he prayed, I know he got on his knees. I never asked him what happened or how he decided it.”

Glad he picked the good guys.  It's nice to win a close recruiting battle for the #1 player for a change!

  • Michigan Basketball is struggling at the moment, they were blowing out the now 0-12 (in BIG10) Minnesota Gophers last night and then struggled at the end of the game for a close win. 

  • The Jimmy vs. SEC war continues.  Since they're few sports stories at the moment this twitter war is getting more media attention then it really needs.

  • The rumor mill is spinning hard that Devin Bush Sr. is about to take a job on Jimmy's staff.  Probably a roll similar to what Chris Partridge was doing last year.  If Devin Sr. can pull top talent out of South Florida, I'm all for it.   Chris BTW was named the Scout's recruiter of the year for the landing all the NJ kids including Gary.    Chris also just signed a new contract with a nice pay bump. 

  • The Spring Game will be April 9th, I'm pretty sure they will have it in Michigan Stadium but you never know!  :)  


Harbaugh NationA2 said...

@HarbaughA2 #GoBlue

Mike T said...

I guess with Bush Sr. coming Poggi will not be.... Not sure if that was reported earlier....

Either way it was win win for us.

Bush Sr. has a slew of talent at Flanagan and respect inside the state. Great hire IYAM.

Going to have to go to the Spring game. Went 2 or 3 years ago and it's a fun time.

69sunstate said...

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