Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Michigan Having a Mini Junior Day Today

It's hard to believe Michigan is now focused on a class of High School Juniors right now for the 2017 class.   Offers are going out like crazy and Michigan is hosting a mini instate junior day today.   Expected prospects to attend includes:

  • 2017 4 Star WR Donovan Peoples-Jones
  • 2017 4 Star CB Ambry Thomas
  • 2017 4 Star S Jaylen Kelly-Powell
  • 2018 4 Star CB Kalon Gervin
  • 2017 3 star commit JaRaymond Hall
  • 2017 3 star OL Phillip Paea
  • 2017 3 star OL Jordan Reid
  • 2017 LB Steven Spenner
With Michigan securing it's QB it's now time to focus on DP-J and locking down the instate talent.   Most of these guys will be attending the Michigan - Northwestern game tonight.  

  • This newspaper man Mark Smith from Albuquerque is upset about Jimmy moving Gentry to TE.  Here is a quote from his article:   I may very well be clueless about the entire situation. And admittedly, I have zero inside information. I’ve never seen a Michigan football practice, and have no idea how Zach Gentry looked in drills last year.  But I do know that moving former the Eldorado High sensation from quarterback to tight end has my dander up.  The inside information is that O'Korn has looked great in practice and has more game experience then any other QB on the roster.    My guess is moving him to TE is the fastest way for Gentry to see the field.   He probably still has a chance to be a QB but will not be on the two deep next season. 

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Mike T said...

Peoples Jones is a must. Get him JH