Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Michigan 2 For Tuesday Commit Special

It's been quiet on the commit watch lately and Michigan changed that quickly as two future Wolverines gave their respective pledges to Jimmy on Monday Night and early Tuesday morning. 

First to commit is 2018 Springfield OH ILB Antwuan Johnson, who 24/7 already ranks in the top 100 for 2018 players nationally.  AJ is 6'1 and 210 pounds and clearly has some growing to do before he hits campus in a few years.   Yes, 2018 signing day is a long ways a way but it's nice to see a commit from the State of Ohio this early in the process.   AJ is Michigan's first 2018 commit. 

The next player to commit is legacy LB Josh Rosh brother of  James "biggie" Ross who just graduated.   Josh has been on Michigan's radar for years and has probably been to more practices in Ann Arbor then Jimmy's staff has.   Josh like his brother James plays at St. Mary's and plays outside LB.  He is 6'2 and 225 pounds and rated a 4 star recruit to all the services.  He is #162 in ESPN's top 300.   I'm excited to see how "biggie smalls"  (too early for a nickname?) does in Don Brown's offense that loves quick blitzing LB's.  Fun fact is Josh has played varsity football at St. Mary's since he was a freshman.

There must be something in the water right now for LB's.  Michigan landed two and ND landed three in the past 48 hours. 

Former Michigan DC Ron English take on Josh:  "I watched him prior to the game on tape and I was impressed because a linebacker behind the ball has to be able to read keys and respond and end up on the ball and what I saw with Josh was the same thing I saw him tape; he can definitely read keys and take direction to the football, he can destroy what we call block protection where he can strike a blocker and get off to the football. I think he's a very good tackler and he does a good job in the passing game."

Josh had offers from the likes of Arizona, Arkansas, Baylor, MSU, ND, OSU, Oklahoma, UW, Tennessee, and Pitt.

Nice to have another quality LB in the fold!! 

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Mike T said...

Welcome Josh and Antwaun... Nice to pull a top kid out of Ohio.... Long ways to go I know... Almost 2 years