Thursday, March 3, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Brady Hoke Is The Football Whisperer

Brady Hoke is now the DC of the Oregon Ducks.   As you know he hates "basketball on grass" and The Ducks do it better then anyone.   So this is clearly a good fit.  

Want to know how Brady's first few months are going?  ESPN had this piece on the former Michigan, SDSU and Ball State head coach.  “You’ve got to hear football,” Hoke said. “You’ve got to be out there and hear it. ... I think that’s a metric that’s measurable.”

It’s a grading system that Hoke has used since he started coaching and one that he believes has worked at every one of his stops. As a head coach at Michigan he often threw this term out, saying that during his first spring with the Wolverines he wasn’t hearing football being played.

In your best "rain man" voice in your head, please repeat: Thank you Jim Harbaugh, Thank you Jim Harbaugh.

  • The Michigan Football team had the day off on Wednesday and Jimmy coached 1st base for the Tigers.

  • Bielema wanted to go down to IMG to watch practice and the NCAA said - you can't.  Sorry Bret, you now have time for a work out. 

  • A name I didn't mention that is getting some good press during Spring Practice is TE Ian Bunting.   I would like to see Bunting get more snaps this year and be another miss-match with Butt on the field.

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Scott K said...

I think Brady is a good man, but his judgement is really in question. I thought the Michigan job might just have been over his head or before his time.
His trying to infer he laid the foundation for Jim's success last year was mind boggling.
Him taking a job as DC in OR is worse than mind boggling. I hope the best for him, but there's a very good chance this ends up much a failure as his tenure in A2. If it ends badly, he'll be lucky to get consideration for a bad MAC HC position.

I wish him well and sincerely hope it works out for him, I have my doubts that there's a decent fit there.