Thursday, March 31, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Doesn't Understand Michigan's Basketball Roster

Michigan Basketball headlines this week includes:

  • Spike Transfers
  • Michigan is still 1 scholarship over the limit for next year
  • Ricky Doyle transfers
  • Michigan is now at it's scholarship limit
  • Michigan is still recruiting for next years class and even reaches out to a possible guard transfer candidate from Colombia
  • Coach B blocks Spike from transferring to other Big Ten schools

What is going on here?  Sure we don't have all the information.   Spike may not be as healthy as he says, but wouldn't Coach B take Spike over a transfer from Colombia if he was healthy?  If Coach B is worried about taking away playing time from Xavier Simpson, why is he looking at brining in another graduate guard?  

This is the second transfer guard Coach B has looked into during this brief off season.   Where is the room for this type of transfer?

As for the in conference transfer, I agree with Coach B.  I don't think you should be able to go to another Big 10 team.   Yes, I understand that Iowa's QB lead the Wolverines to a 10 win season and a Citrus Bowl win last season.   Iowa wasn't on Michigan's schedule and I still believe you shouldn't be able to transfer in conference.   It's too close for comfort for me.

  • Don Brown says he is close to installing his full defense this Spring.  I hope he doesn't show too much on Friday and takes it on easy on the QB's.

  • NFL Scouts think Big Willie Henry is underrated and might go higher then some of the media are predicating.

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Scott K said...

Chase Lasater, LB from FL commits to 2017 class.