Thursday, March 10, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Jimmy On Rich Eisen

Jimmy who is clearly working on his interviews, goes full Harbaugh on the Rich Eisen show.   As you know, Rich is a former Wolverine and follows the football program closely.  

If you have a few minutes please watch this video:

The stuff on Spring Break, QB's and Cap we have all heard before.   Here is what I love:  I love that Jimmy was in the film room with Mike Martz and from that meeting Jimmy is changing protections and making plays better.   That is exactly what I want my head coaching doing, learning from other experts and making his team and plays better everyday. 

I don't know this for a fact, but my guess is the Al Borges and Brady Hoke's of the world were not doing that.   With all the coaching power coming in for the clinic this weekend, I'm sure Jimmy is going to drain each one of their brains as much as they can.

  • Michigan Basketball plays at noon today against Northwestern in the Big Ten tourney( BTN).
  • 2017 TX RB Eno Benjamin enjoyed his mid-week visit to Ann Arbor.  He is also visiting Northwestern, Iowa, and Arkansas this week. 


Scott K said...

We are NOT a good basketball team. So frustrating to watch. Northwestern has erased a 12 point deficit in about 8 minutes and will likely be leading at halftime. WTH?

Scott K said...

how the hell, in the final 20 seconds, do we give them two possessions, let them get three friggin' shots off.... ALL WITH A FOUL TO GIVE?????

this is horrible.

Renegade said...

Bad coaching?

I'll start this with I don't follow Michigan basketball very closely. So what I say may be off base, but what I have seen the style they play is not to my liking. It appears they live-and-die by the three pointer and don't really worry about defense. My preference is tough D, fast break, and if that isn't there go down low. A good D doesn't have to worry about the other teams threes. Their percentage will be low.

But I realize that isn't popular basketball anymore. Not as exciting as popping threes.

Scott K said...

For the past few seasons, I would agree, we were live and die by the three. This year, we've done a better job of working the pick n roll, getting good production by our bigs (not that Donal, Doyle or Wagner are really Bigs) and scoring with mid range jumpers.

We don't seem to have a lot of fight on the team, no killer instinct and not a lot of ball smarts. we don't seem to move well away from the ball, NW, WS and Iowa shooters got open looks from beyond the arc at will, by moving well without the ball. Our shooters struggle to get clean because they stand around too much.

our fundamentals aren't strong and we have no killer instinct. Its almost like they're all waiting for someone else to grab the bull by the horns.

I hope we find our stroke tomorrow and shoot the lights out from 3 land.... stunning the Big 10 and icing a spot in the tourney, but I won't hold my breath.

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