Thursday, March 17, 2016

Michigan Thursday: Watching Michigan Basketball Makes My Stomach Hurt

Robin Buckson, Detroit News
When you were 16 years old did you have a car that ran well but was held together with Bondo and Duct Tape?  I had that car and that is how I feel while I watch this team play basketball.

I got the pleasure of watching Michigan play in the Bahamas during Thanksgiving.   They shot the ball well, played good enough defense and when they needed a push, Caris took over.    The one surprise was the play of Wagner.   I thought he was going to be huge part of Michigan's success over the year as he developed.   Donnal was in a huge slump and was expected to be sitting deep on the bench.  Spike was banged up and didn't play at all.

Donnal found his game and ended up playing well in the Big Ten.  Wagner on the other hand only saw spot duty.   The roles changed last night as Michigan won a very ugly close game against a pretty poor Tulsa team.   It was a very hard game to watch.

I'm not sure what Coach B was seeing on the floor but Donnal and Doyle were struggling and Wagner was playing well.   Coach played Donnal and Doyle way too much.   Michigan looked terrible on defense and confused in the half court offense.  They didn't shoot the ball well from 3 but still found a way to win.  Which of course is the most important thing. 

Derrick Walton:  Had 12 quiet points and spent more time on the bench then on the floor in foul trouble.   Michigan needs Derrick to be great if they are going to win anymore games this season.   His most memorable play last night was hitting two free throws at the end.  

Mark Onnal:  Sorry I took the D out of his name, because he wasn't playing any last night.   He was getting beat for rebounds on free throw attempts.   Had two points and a pretty poor night. 

Mortiz Wagner:  Gave Michigan some defense and energy off the bench.  If your giving out two game balls, he gets one. 

MAAR:  Michigan's best player on the floor last night.   If he doesn't drive the ball and get to the rim for 16 points, the Wolverines aren't even in this game.   Game Ball!

Zak Irvin added another 16 points and hit a huge 3 pointer when Michigan was down 1 late.  Zak is a good guy but it seems he is more comfortable hitting mid-range jumpers then 3 point shots.  His 3 late was the only one he made all game.  He just doesn't seem comfortable in the offense right now.

Kam Chatman: Who I expected would see a ton of time against an athletic Tulsa team, saw 4 minutes of action and didn't score.  He was rated a top 30 guy and outside of the IU shot, hasn't lived up to his recruiting ranking.

Ricky Doyle: Is in some type of sophomore slump and looks completely lost out there on both sides of the ball.

Duncan Robinson: Had 13 points and hit 2 three pointers.  Michigan really needs to find him the ball more in the half court offense.

If the team that showed up against IU plays ND on Friday night, they have a great chance of playing on Sunday.  If the team that showed up in Dayton last night shows up in Brooklyn, Michigan is going to be home for the weekend.

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