Thursday, April 28, 2016

Michigan Thursday: How The Wolverines Might Be Drafted

At the end of the season, there was some concern the Wolverines wouldn't have any draft-able players.    Michigan hasn't really lit up round one in recent years and there won't be any Wolverines drafted tonight either.  

Michigan fans will have to wait until Friday or Saturday before they hear a Wolverine name called.  Here is my take on 3 players that I expect to get drafted.

DT Big Willie Henry:  I loved Willie for a couple of reasons, he was late edition to Brady Hoke's 2012 recruiting class from Glenville, OH and turned into a really good college player.   He also was a great run stopper at Michigan.  I will miss the big guy chasing QB's around the Big House this fall.   I will have to dry my tears with the arrival of Rashan Gary.    Willie is a bit of victim of a deep DT class this year but could be a 10 year run stopper in the league.   BHB Draft Prediction is 3rd round. 

C Graham Glasgow:  As been one of the big risers up the drafts board this year.  Graham was invited to the Shiners game and played so well he got invited to the Senior Bowl.   He went from a free agent to maybe picked on Friday.   Another guy who's story that I loved.  If you remember, he was not offered a scholarship out of HS and was deciding between Michigan and OSU for a preferred walk-on spot.   He picked Columbus but showed up on the Michigan's roster the next fall.  Smart kid.   BHB Draft Prediction is 3rd Round. 

QB Jake Rudock: As we know he was only a Wolverine for one year but it was a 10 win season and helped Jimmy make a huge splash back in college football.   Someone will take a chance on him for a back-up role in the late rounds as a Jimmy schooled QB.  BHB Draft Prediction is 6th Round. 

Expected Free Agents include:

Sione Houma - Could for sure make a roster with a need for a FB and a special teams player
Joe Bolden- His concussion history could be a problem when making a roster
Royce Jenkins-Stone - Could find a home on Special Teams
Joe Kerridge - See above for Houma
Wayne Lyons - Didn't really participate as a Wolverine
Desmond Morgan - Will be signed at a FA but questionable on a roster spot
Mario Ojemudia - If healthy has a great shot at making a roster
Blake O'Neil - Had the biggest blunder of the year but has a big leg
James Ross - Will be signed as a FA and could make a roster
AJ Williams - Probably a OG at the next level
Jarrod Wilson - Will probably get a FA spot and could make a team.

Good Luck to all the Wolverines this weekend!

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