Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Michigan Tuesday: I Hope Coach B Was Watching Last Night

Many coaches get to go to the Final 4 to do interviews and spend time with their colleagues.   I have no idea if Coach B was in Houston or watched it on TV but I hope he saw the National Championship game last night. 

Villanova's National Championship team is exactly what I hope the Michigan program can become.   They don't have any lottery picks on that team.  They win with great defense and great outside shooting.   They play pure team basketball.  Michigan isn't going to be pulling in classes like UK, Duke or NC they need to win playing team basketball.    Coach B has done a good job of that overall at Michigan.   The last two years are not a good sample of some of his better teams in Ann Arbor, but we do need to get back to playing defense and recruiting program guys.   Last night was proof that the model can work, we just need an assistant coach that can implement a great defensive scheme.

What a great game and congrats to Villanova.

Side note: The overall TV rating was down for the game.  It did a 12.0 last night and last year did a 17.  I can't help to think having the came on TNT didn't help the overall rating.   Du

  • Michigan's newest instate commit Phil Paea has the flexibility to play a number of positions at the next level.   Rivals has him listed as a 3 star Guard and 24/7 and Scouts have him listed as a DT.   Others project him to being a very good college Center.   Just another example of Jimmy recruiting a hybrid guy that can play a few positions. 

  • Former Michigan CB T Rich is going to play his final year at Marshall.  Good luck to him in West Virginia.

  • Rivals wakes up and throws Michigan's newest commit and National Nike SPARQ leader Samuels a 4 star ranking.

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