Friday, August 26, 2016

Michigan Friday: Walk-On's Get Scholarships

Per Twitter: 3 Michigan Walk-on's get the much prized scholarship.   If you listen, you can hear 3 sets of parents cheering loudly.  

-Quarterback Garrett Moores
-Safety AJ Pearson
-LB Mike Wroblewski

Congratulations to all 3!

  • There continues to be positive sub buzz on Ben Bredeson being the starting left tackle.

  • Warde says he is working on re-scheduling MSU for future years.  I don' expect anything for many years.

  • Don't forget our week one opponent plays tonight to kickoff the college football season!  Hawaii vs. Cal in Australia, 10:00 PM EST ESPN


Scott K said...

re-scheduling MSU?

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K: Michigan is trying to break up Ohio State and Michigan State/ both away games, then both home games the following year... good info on MGOBLOG, about Michigan coaches saying they are at least trying to change the scheduling... said it will be a long road.

Ps... Also Scott K what is your prediction W/L for Michigan this year, and if we lose any (to whom), same goes to VOR (Voice of Reason)...what do you think? Bob too?

Off the cuff, I think Harbaugh runs the table, 12-0 into play- offs!

Tim said... didn't ask my prediction, but I hope you are ok that I give one :)

I really think UM runs the table as well. The two games that concern me the most are, obliviously, the OSU game and I will throw in the IU game the week before.

I think of Tressell and all his wins agains UM but his record the week before "The Game" was a tick above .500. IU could be decent if they find a couple playmakers on offense and with the showdown with the Buckeyes pending I hope our guys don't overlook this game.

Lots of talent, upper clansman leadership and some young guys that can provide needed punch when called upon.

Go Blue!

Scott K said...

Thanks, I guess I didn't realize both rivalry games were going to continue to be home the same year and away the next.

My heart says we go 12-0.... That's a really tough task though and its not difficult to find reasons why it isn't likely to happen. I do think we beat MSU and ohio state..... possibly get tripped up by an Iowa, PSU or WS.

Go Blue!

Bob said...

I will do my yearly prediction next week - Game Week!

For those of you who love college football and want to scout our Week 1 opponent. Hawaii vs. CAL tonight at 10:00 EST on ESPN

College Football is back!

Scott K said...

They're playing in kangaroo land too, as i recall.

Voice of Reason said...

Well ScottyDoggs, I will first say the short answer is that they "can" run the table but it's very difficult for any team to go through the year undefeated. Even last year's National Champion Alabama lost to Ole Miss, and the runner up Clemson had two scares (ND & South Carolina) before they eventually lost to Alabama. Even Ohio State's national championship team had a loss to Virginia Tech in 2013. My point here is sometimes the best teams don't win all of their games but if they got into the playoffs they can win a title.

I am not particularly impressed with where the other teams are on Michigan's schedule but this is college and what concerns me is the good ole home cookin that we have to go against when we go on the road. Some of us can remember how Michigan lost at MSU because their time keeper manipulated the time clock for MSU, without that Michigan no doubt would have won that game. I remember Bo saying years ago about a field goal that Michigan kicked and the refs said it was wide (I believe it was at OSU if not ND) and Bo said that kick would have been good in Ann Arbor. I also remember Bo talking about how the Rose bowl refs were calling against Michigan with obvious bias for USC, and he told the refs that they should let the kids play and not take the game from them. They "may" have threatened Bo I am not sure but in any case that helped USC to win that particular game. My point again is that there are factors that are outside of a teams control that can take the game away from the better team.

Therefore, I am hoping that if everything goes well, our Wolverines can and will bring it home this year. Nevertheless, I may be more inclined to agree with Kirk Herstreit in that Michigan will be a formidable team this year but they are likely a year away. As for me, I personally like a team to have a QB that is coming back for at least a second year of starting with a great experienced offensive line. But then again, this is college and sometimes you can get by a little more with a few more flaws than the pros.

Plus, the bull's-eye is on Harbaugh and the team even more now. Every team is going to be giving their extra effort when they play Michigan; that can wear a team out over the course of a season. Plus, we can expect more underhanded play and my concern is that our players aren't hurt physically by it. Like I said, sometimes the better team doesn't always win but let's hope we do. IMHO!!!

Mike Tebbe said...

3 ships opened up with the departure of David, Mitchell and Hawkins... Might as well give deserving seniors a free ride and it doesn't affect next years limits....

ScottyDoggs said...

Voice of Reason: You put a lot of effort and thought into your writing and reasoning.

Yes, the famous kick was Ohio State/Michigan 1974, most say it was good... yes I remember one Rose bowl (I believe) late 70's where the USC running back clearly dropped the ball around the 2/3 yard line and they gave them a touch down.
How about those couple years Minnesota flooded their field, and won!

You are right that there are many different factors that can affect a game... 12-0 sounds great but difficult to get there.

Even when we shared National title, Nebraska was going to lose, but last play of the regular season play, the pass deflected off a players foot into the hands of Nebraska player, ultimate fluke!

I am still sticking with 12-0 though,, Harbaugh forever!