Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: Is Ranked Higher

Side Note:  If I ever run for President, I'm going to have 3 day weekends once a month.   They are just so nice and we clearly need more of them.

Michigan is ranked #5 in the AP poll and #6 in the Coaches poll.   Coaches don't watch anything but their team and the team they are playing that week.   They have no idea or life outside of their program during football season.  So how can they rank other teams?    Jimmy by the way, no longer participates in the coaches poll.

Did Michigan's schedule get harder after Saturday?  Colorado blew out CSU and Wisconsin had a defensive battle and win against LSU.   Since I seem to be a fan of doing Side Notes today, here is another one.  How happy are we that Les Miles is not our head coach?  I think Les is a very good recruiter and was very close to being out of work after last season because his offense is too run heavy.  To show everybody he could change, he did the exact same thing against Wisconsin and his offense was very predictable again!   I don't know if its Cam Cameron or Les, either way they better find away to open the offense a little bit, they just have too many skill players to continuing to try to play in a box.

Wisconsin is now #10 in the AP and ESPN ranks Wisconsin #3 in the Big 10 Power rankings.
Colorado got one AP vote and remains un-ranked

I didn't watch the Penn State game but they struggled against Kent State until the 4th quarter.  They play @ Pitt this weekend which could be one of the better match-ups this weekend.   The best opening weekend ever, seems to be followed by Cupcake Saturday.

  • I have always been a fan of Pewee Pipkins who is now at Texas Tech.  It seems he had a good first game and won the game ball.   I hope nothing but the best for him and hope he doesn't have any injuries this season.  Sitting out a season, was probably exactly what he needed.

  • Another guy we have an eye on this season is Brady Hoke, DC of Oregon.  He of course had this to say after his first game:  “It was a tail of two halves a little bit,” Hoke said. “First half, I thought we played on edge a little bit. Came out second half, didn’t feel that same edge, and gave up some plays that we can’t give up.” “We didn’t tackle very well,” Hoke said. “We gave up some big balls down the field, and we competed for some of them, but we’ve got to come away with some of those as well. We’ve got to do a better job coaching.”  Brady's unit gave up 28 points to UC Davis.  Did I mention how happy I am that Jimmy is our head coach?
  • Insider reports keep coming out on Mone's timeline.   I think its still safe to say 3-4 weeks.
  • New jersey numbers:  Tyrone Wheatley, Jr. from #8 to #17, Alex Malzone from #12 to #10, Nick Eubanks from #1 to #18, Josh Metellus from #23 to #13

I'm usually concerned about playing a ton of freshman and burning red shirts in the first game, but I trust Jimmy on this and his ability to recruit any talent gaps.    It's also great for future recruiting when guys play early.   Michigan set a record on Saturday with the number of true freshman that got playing time. 


Scott K said...

I have two thoughts on red shirting vs playing true freshmen:

1. As generations evolve, kids today are going to be more demanding for immediate gratification, immediate playing time. I think the redshirt will gradually be less and less common, with the exception of kids who need a year to put on weight/muscle to be able to compete in college vs HS. Did anyone notice the poise of Shane Buechele of TX? That kid is something special!

2. If they're good enough to play, PLAY'M!

UofM91 said...

I thought Pipkins went to Texas Tech?

ScottyDoggs said...

Yep, play them... a lot of coaches say best man plays but it (most of times) is not so!

Stealing from Voice of Reason.... I am using {IMHO},this is got to be best recruiting tool ever!

As far as the letter going to a recruit that thanked him for attending barbecue (which he did not!) Lot's of people think it is benign but, it the hands of the enemy, you just handed them a great "negative recruiting tool"

You can say were one big family, touting family atmosphere, another college shows a recruit that letter... that the family stuff is "just bunk"

Bob said...

Sorry your right, my bad on TCU vs. Texas Tech mistake. I also think college football is getting more like college basketball, where you play freshman more often. If they can play and make the two deep, play them. Mostly in blow outs.