Sunday, October 2, 2016

Michigan Kicking Itself To A Win

                  John T. Greilick, Detroit News
This game went the way, I expected.   Michigan's defense shut down Wisconsin and the offense struggled to move the ball consistently but had enough drives to put this game out of hand.   What I didn't expect was a complete collapse in the field goal kicking game.   That complete failure, kept the game tied or way to close. 

I could put Wilton in both Cheers and Jeers below, but I'll just talk about him here.   The throw to Darboh to win the game was the best deep ball he has thrown in a Michigan jersey.  That throw was the difference in the game and you have to tip your hat to him on that.  

I don't know if it was bad play calling or decision making, but Wilton continued to throw into double and sometimes triple coverages.   He was very lucky to only throw one pick on the day.   Wisconson looked like they should of had probaly two more interceptions.  

Don Brown's unit was the difference in the game.  I was a little critical early on as, I didn't think Michigan needed the blitz to get to Wisconsin's young QB.  Our front 4 was getting enough pressure and I thought putting more guys in coverage would confuse Alex Hornibrook who did throw 3 picks on the day.   I think Don agreed and didn't blitz as much in the second half.

That Jourdan Lewis pick scared me, he jumped too eary and I didn't see a saftey behind him.   That was a great play but a few inches away from being a disaster.   That pick will also make his highlight reel for his NFL draft pacakage (even though it would have been better to knock it down).

  • Defense wins championships
  • The Michigan RB's ran hard all day
  • Stribling's 2 picks and dropped a 3rd
  • The defensive line had a very good day
  • Michigan won the game
  • Field goal kicking made the game a 7 point win instead of a 16 point win.  That position is in crisis mode.
  • I was not a big fan of the play calling, I wanted more guys in the route to give Wilton more options.   Wisconsin did a good job covering Michigan WR's & TE's all day.
  • The offense also sputtered in the red zone too many times. 
  • Penalities hasn't been a problem all year, it was a Saturday.  I thought the officals were too whistle happy.
  • Losing tackle Grant Newsome to probably a serious knee injury

The field goal kicking almost cost Michgian the game.  I have been nervous about Kenny but I thought maybe he miss one and make one.  Ryan Tice was nervous and did the excat same thing Kenny did on his only chance.   Quin Nordin is hurt in what is rumored to be a hamstring and is looking at a redshirt.   Michigan's other scholarship kicker Andrew David, transferred out of the program.

Might be time to give the soccer team a call.

The game wasn't pretty in a lot of aspects but a win is a win and we will take it.   Michigan gets to leave Ann Arbor for the first time this year to play Rutgers who lost 58-0 to OSU yesterday.    The Iowa and MSU games even though won't be easy, don't look as diffiuclt now as MSU lost to IU and Iowa lost at home to Northwestern. 


David Clement said...

I enjoy reading your blog almost daily. It is a concise summary of Michigan current events. However...the grammatical errors and misspelling is like fingernails on a chalkboard. No way you can edit better before you post?

David Clement said...

Lol at my own error. Is = are

ScottyDoggs said...

Yep, as self-appointed ombudsmen of your predictions, yours was fairly accurate again. make those field goals and your prediction would have been close to "dead on". Just do not get too good with those predictions, incase they decide they do not have to play once they read what you predict! (lol)

Michigan still made this statement game ( though more subtle then a blowout)... M9ichigan is 5-0, and the defense is quite tough.
Seems like injuries are starting to be a factor for future success.

Scott K said...

Bob, you're speling an gramatical earors doughnt bawther sum ov uhs.


ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K: Refrain from such comments, because it's too early for "howling laughter"...quite inventive on your part, well done!

Bob said...
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Bob said...
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Bob said...

Well done guys! I write this blog off the top of my head and I'm a staff of 1 (with a full time job and being a full time dad). So spelling and grammar won't ever be top notch. I just hope you enjoy the content and some of the insights. Go Blue!

Adrian Havrestiuc said...

Keep up the good work. I enjoy reading this a couple times a week.

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