Saturday, November 26, 2016

Gift Wrapped

Michigan was the better team today and still lost.  Why did they lose?  Because they gift wrapped all of Ohio State's points.   

The first interception was a blown blocking assignment by senior RB DeVeon Smith.   Free 7 points.

The second interception was Wilton making a bad read and then Jimmy losing his mind.   Free 7 points.     Total of 14 free points, delivered right to Ohio State's living room by Michigan's offense. 

The fumble on the goal line was kindly returned by a stupid fake punt.   That was an even exchange. 

Senior Safety Hill, also gift wrapped the final field goal, by taking a 15 yard interference call on a ball that was way over thrown.  

OSU's offense scored 6 points on the Michigan defense in regulation.  Michigan's offense delivered the rest.

  • The spot on Barett's 4th down  was very questionable.   The ball is in his right hand and he was hit sideways.   I believe he was short, but the officials don't have the balls to over turn that call.  The Big Ten officials again were too involved in the game.  The calls favored the Buckeyes most of the day.    I don't understand why the Big Ten can't get competent officials in the biggest game of the year.

  • The Michigan defense was gassed and I knew overtime was not going to be good for the Wolverines.     
Wilton was great and terrible on the day.   I liked Michigan's aggressive strategy but I really wanted to see if we could have run the ball a bit more effectively in the second half. 

The bottom line is you can't give OSU 14 points when they can't move the ball on Michigan's defense all day.   JT Barrett is a full back that throws some times and the Michigan defense for the most part did their job.   OSU is going to get rolled in the playoffs, they are just not dynamic enough on offense.

What a waste of an effort, game plan and season.    A gift wrapped victory for the Buckeyes.   


Scott K said...

We fucked ourselves & we got fucked by the officials. The play calling got too conservative AGAIN, but this was a game we should have won. This was 2015 MSU, all over again.

ScottyDoggs said...

Scott K: Beat me too it... was to compare it to Michigan State game last year. That penalty of Cole with his hand in the guy's face {for a lifetime} was "very critical"... what possessed Cole to keep pushing that guy's face when he was behind the play anyway.

Did anyone else notice that Speight's view of the Ohio State player on his second interception was momentarily blocked by an official (poor luck, but that the ref is part of the field).

Bob, your right it was gift wrapped, but it also included free shipping! What would O'Korn have accomplished? SOMETHING WE WILL NEVER KNOW... Speight PERFORMED , BUT NEGATED BY THREE TURN OVERS...I HATE TO SEE PLAYERS PLAY HURT.

rob ber said...

Big time players make Big plays ! ie: Curtis Samuels right by Peppers....... Who will roll Ohio State except maybe Alabama?

Scott K said...

Seriously? The same team that squeaked by MSU, WS & NW only beat us with a ton of help from us and the officials. This osu team would get steam rolled by AL, Clemson, Louisville..... They are not that good. The arm around Perry on 3rd down that was not called had been called against us twice. The 4th down stop of Barrett ended the game. Why did urban fall on his face? Because he knows how fucking lucky they were today. They played well enough to hang around, but not even close to well enough to win, not without a lot of help. We gave them 1/2 & the fucking officials did the rest.

rob ber said...

Micigan did nt play Antonella this year!! The 2 teams they played outside of there stadium result = loses just the facts!!!

rob ber said...

Play anyone

rob ber said...

Ask your seniors how good we are 0-4......

ScottyDoggs said...

Wow, a troll on this Blog...and I thought I was going to get to read 7 good comments .... {I was ROB BERED of my rights}

ScottyDoggs said...

Seriously, Harbaugh is aa great leader and coach... but should try to remain more calm in these high pressure situations... Being more relaxed would then cause his players to loosen up and to fly right.

ScottyDoggs said...

Like another Blog said and some announcers said: Okay the call was bad at the 4 and 1... You (Michigan) had ample opportunity to win at other stages of the game.... should not have come down to the (home cooking call)
Home cooking calls have existed throughout the ages at the horse shoe, why should this year be any different.
Harbaugh should act more professional and relaxed so his players can focus.
How well did that Peppers at quarterback work, seemed like after the first time he was stuffed like a Wendy's bake potato (if they still have them). Why can not he throw at least once?

We will probably never know how bad... but Speight was playing injured which caused the fumble, and lack of his signature deep passes. I bet he was mortally wounded and still played.
I got scared at the play calling when we ran twice, then threw on third down (our second possession).
When you can not run pass, just because you pile up yardage on suspect teams does not mean you can run the football.
Develop 2 quarterbacks, lots of playing time should have been given to O'Korn... Speight played when he was not needed.
It's like the election, Hillary won the vote count, but lost by the funky electoral college.
We won, except for a bad mark on fourth down by those funky zebra officials.
It's shameful that only Scott K., myself and some deviate post on this fine blog.

FKOSU said...

I don't give a damn about other blogs or announcers and I understand the home team gets some favorable calls but at least call the damn game semi even and not one sided. 2 penalties for the cheateyes for 6 yards, really? Michigan never trailed the whole game despite 3 TO and anemic offense the second half but the zebra didn't have the balls the make the correct call on 4th and 1. So please I don't wanna hear Michigan had ample opportunities to win. The Big ten officials are bunch of incompetent imbeciles and been like this all year. Our team played hard and dominated suckeyes for the majority of the game and NEVER TRAILED for 4 quarters however at the end of the day the BS penalties and no call against the cheaters do add up and does decide the outcome. U can't expect a team to batttle his rival and the zebra. I'm sure Urban Liar will send couple nice Christmas gifts to the aholes zebra.

ScottyDoggs said...

FKOSU: Your point is well taken... I believe it's 1974 the last play (I believe) are kick was declared no good, but many (including Bo) said it really was good! My butt still burns about that one.

Voice of Reason said...

You know, according to the numbers that game was one of the most watched games in college football history. What that means is that people around the world saw Michigan out play OSU and lost. They also saw Michigan shoot itself in the foot once again and the officials call another game that made a difference in the outcome of the game. When will we ever learn that they’ve got to “finish,” it’s about winning the game and not being better for most of the game?

However, as I’ve said before, it’s not enough for Michigan to “be” better they must PLAY better. They can’t let the officials or the CFP powers that be make the decision for them because if they do, they will likely be disappointed like Bo and Michigan was years ago in the early 70’s when OSU was voted over Michigan to go to the Rose Bowl after that 10-10 tie. You can’t leave the decisions to others; Michigan is not well liked by other institutions in case you didn’t know. Therefore, you have to play smart penalty and turnover free football on the field of play. Michigan didn’t do that, they showed they were better but not able to play smart and finish (win) which is the most important part of playing the game. And so, that begs the question, “if you don’t win then are you the better team?” Most people agree that the final score is the most important stat; moral victories are poor consolation prizes. And so with that being said, it now appears that they could be on the outside looking in, which is sad because there are not four teams in the country that are better than Michigan right now.

One consolation however, is that with the world was watching and seeing how Michigan (for the most part) out played OSU Saturday, making a big step forward from last year and years gone by. With everyone seeing Michigan trending past MSU and OSU and we can expect this trend to continue. No longer will the “experts” automatically give MSU and OSU the nod to win future games. Michigan is back!!!

If the CFP committee bring in the true top four teams in the country they should regardless of record include Michigan, if not they will include the likes of Washington and Penn State/Wisconsin, teams we have already beaten this year. That’s the way it is. I have no doubt that the kids played their tails off and the coaches prepared their brains out but until they do like Alabama is doing this year…winning against the teams that are in front of them with “no excuses” then they have to depend upon fairness from others which is an unlikely commodity. IMHO!!!

Scott K said...

This game, as i see it, was 2015 MSU all over again. We out played them all game long, the only offense they were able to mount was as a result of our turnovers and/or penalties. They didn't play well enough to win, but they played well enough to hang around. Like MSU last year, we had our foot on the throat and didn't finish them off.

I feel very strongly that we're completely back and osu and everyone else should be on notice.... Jim and staff will build on this year and next season will only be better. Several friends who are osu fans have admitted they were lucky as hell to win that game... there is a shred of humility in that fan base, i hadn't seen it before Saturday. Actually there might be more there than in East Lansing.

Just like a fight, don't let it go to the judges scorecard if you don't want to get screwed.... we gotta learn to put them away..... iowa and osu both.


Tim said...

Yep. Agree with above. Loss stinks. No other way to put it. Just stinks, especially because we outplayed them.

I also agree that Michigan should be included in playoff, but will most likely need some help (Washington, Clemson or Wiscy loss). With all Penn State has done and their negative perception - and because we drilled them - no way will they be in playoff.

As VOR stated, we are back. This is year two for Jimmy. Yes, he inherited some good players, but little depth, no difference maker at RB and not much of an offensive line. And in year two we are considerably better than MSU and this was year 5 for Myer and we basically outplayed them at C-Bus.

Again - loss stings and it will for some time...but we are back and the CF world knows it. Go Blue!

Voice of Reason said...

It appears that it's not only the Michigan fan base that has noticed the poor officiating of "The Game" this Saturday, it seems as though everyone has not only noticed but they've voiced their surprise about it.

We shouldn't be surprised that osu cheats because they've always done it, but this one was so obvious that it seems to be offensive to the general football public. It maybe based upon what Martin Luther King, Jr., once said, "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere." If Michigan is allowed to be screwed by the B1G and osu then they can and will do it to others as well.

We need to in an organized manner, express our displeasure to the conference and the CFP powers that be. Michigan should be playing for the B1G title and hopefully the playoffs. IMHO!!!

jt kurts said...

I just hope that Um is selected in the final 4. After the poor officiating they should get a break.