Sunday, November 20, 2016

Indiana Post Game

David Guralnick, Detroit News

Senior day started like Michigan was playing against Iowa again.   Michigan continued to be in a daze for the first half of the game.   John O"Korn was not ready for the weather or the IU pass rush and Michigan struggled to move the ball.  For the first time this year, Michigan headed to the locker room down 4 points at the half.

The Maize Daze continued into the second half and it looked like Michigan was heading for an upset.   Then John O'Korn scrambled out of the pocked for a 30 yard run on 3rd down.   Michigan had life, the Big House had life and most importantly Michigan's offense found some confidence.   Then the hard working senior DeVeon Smith took over.   He followed O'Korn's scramble with two long TD runs to knock out IU.

The game was ugly, cold, windy and snowy.   In those games, you get a win no matter how you do it and head to next week.   With that said, there was plenty of things Michigan must improve on to beat the Buckeyes next weekend.  Let's head to the Cheers and Jeers to see some of those things.

  • Peppers had some great stops on the edge of IU's offense and his fielding of the low line drive punts, saved Michigan field position.
  • DeVeon Smith had his best day in a Michigan uniform with 158 yards on the ground and two game saving TD's.  He was Michigan's offense on the day.
  • Michigan Special Teams, blocked two punts, made two fields goals, Kenny had good punts and his kick offs were sailing into the stands.   That was a great performance!
  • Darboh had one catch for late first down that was a big first down.
  • Crawford took out two defenders with one block on Smith's last TD run
  • O'Korn's scramble was the play that changed the momentum


  • John O'Korn passed for 59 yards on the day.  It could of been the wind or the snow or IU's defense.   Either way, he can't do that next Saturday and think the Wolverines have a chance of winning.    I think Michigan needs Wilton back next week to beat the Buckeyes.
  • Offensive line was good and bad on Saturday, in a game we knew Michigan needed to run, they did create holes late,  they didn't however give O'Korn any time when Michigan did attempt to pass.
  • Where has our WR's and TE's gone?  Darboh had one catch, Chesson 2, Butt 0.   We have to get these guys more involved in the offense.  
  • The weather was nasty and played a big role in keeping the scoring down
  • The penalties have to stop, Michigan had 5 for 40 yards
  • Vanilla Ice cream, thought Michigan's offense was too vanilla on Saturday.

Well it's now Ohio State week and both teams have plenty to work on.   Don't expect to see the team that had a one point win in East Lansing on Saturday.  Michigan better not be the team in C-Bus they have been the last two weeks either.  

It's clear, Michigan needs Wilton back and needs to try to find some confidence on offense.   The defense continues to play well, but the Ohio State offense is another monster.  

Jimmy says Wilton is day to day and since he was dressed, the injury looks to be more of an shoulder sprain then a broken collarbone.   Either way, its time for the Michigan seniors to step up this week and turn up the intensity in practice.  It's the seniors that will win or lose the game next Saturday at noon.


ScottyDoggs said...

About the offense being too vanilla, Bo used to do that in big games got too conservative. Yep, got to play to win.

Do the players dress warm enough, or is it a "macho thing" to be short sleeved in such conditions? Is it similar to Newsome not wearing a knee brace, and suffering a possible career ending injury?
"not a pun" but Harbaugh should a - dress that issue.

The way the announcers talk that the ball was controlled (when thrown)by the whims of the "whipping winds".

Anyways, always enjoy this blog (no one else puts up with me), and if any of you live in the Western states Rise Broadband for one hundred a month, gets you phone, almost unlimited internet, and TV for 100 a month. First time I had TV in years because family members use up most of my savings.(maybe that's what attracted the invasion of the soccer team).

Scott K said...

I wasn't able to watch the game, only listened to it via walkman from deep in the Grayling State Forest. I would have expected O'Korn to come out with the best he had, to prove he should be the starter. Shitty conditions or not, it didn't sounds like he's even close to a healthy Wilt.

I hope Jim and crew have seen enough in the PSU, WS, IN, MSU vs ohio state game films to put together a winning game plan for Saturday in the toilet seat.

BTW.... I predicted a 1 loss season, with wins over both MSU and the suckeyes....

Go Blue