Friday, November 18, 2016

Indiana Preview

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Time: 3:30
Location: Big House
Weather: 39, Windy with Rain/Snow
Line: Michigan -23

Got to love Ann Arbor weather, Friday it is a high of 70 and Sunny.   Saturday and Sunday it could snow.    That might not be the story of the weather, as it is predicted to have 20 mph wind right around kick-off.   That is going to limit the passing game on both sides.

Both of these teams are coming off a loss, Michigan stunk it up in Iowa and IU played Penn State close at home.    The Hoosiers have given up on average 46 points over the last 4 games against the Wolverines, which were all shoot outs.

Tale of the Tape

O'Korn vs. IU DB's = ?
Michigan Running Game vs. IU Stacked Box = ?
IU Offense vs. Michigan D =  Michigan D
Turnovers = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan
Upset minded = IU

Its hard to believe we are at senior day for the Wolverines this season.  This season has gone by like a flash!  The weather is going to be cold and windy and maybe some rain or snow.   Are the Wolverines ready to dominate or are they still licking their wounds from last week?   Its hard to know which team will show up on Saturday against an opponent that has given the Wolverines fits the last 4 years.   On the other hand, IU hasn't beaten the Wolverines in Ann Arbor since 1967.

Yell, Its been a pleasure watching you this year to the team if.............................
  • O'Korn plays well and doesn't turn the ball over
  • Having O'Korn in gives the running game another dynamic
  • Michigan's offensive line is handling IU defense
  • Michigan has 250 yards on the ground
  • Michigan's defensive line lives in IU's backfield
Yell, not this sh*t again! if...........................
  • Michigan can't move the ball due to the weather and IU defense
  • Michigan's defense still can't slow a good spread team
  • O'Korn is turning the ball over
  • Michigan looks like the team that played in Iowa

If you are looking for an upset on Saturday, it's not hard to look to Ann Arbor for it.   Michigan has struggled against IU and the weather could be just terrible.  IU has had some near misses against two top 10 teams in Penn State and OSU.   IU is also one win away from going to a bowl game.  To top it off, Michigan's starting QB has a shoulder issue and is likely out for the game.  

Michigan is the better team as they were last weekend.   This team is either going to show up and blitz the hell out of IU into a blow out or going to be sluggish and be surprised they are in another battle.  IU has a much better defense this year and will try to make O'Korn beat them in the Air against a 20 mph wind. 

IU has struggled with turnovers and have 9 the last two games which include 7 fumbles.   Michigan is probably the best defense they have seen this year.   With the poor weather, I expect the football to be on the ground often.  I don't have a feel for this game and I don't like that feeling.   I think this game could be ugly and a lot closer then we think. 

Michigan 28 IU 20


Tim said...

I hope we bring it. I try to make it to one game a year and tomorrow is it.

Bob said...

Stay warm Tim!

Unknown said...

Dont fret....this is a blow out...Jimmy will have them ready!!!

Mike Tebbe said...

Hope its a blow out for multiple reasons.... One is we have a huge visitor group with a lot of superstar kids.... Make them say... Michigan is the place to be

ScottyDoggs said...

I did not have a chance to see much of the game... last 5 minutes or so of first half... at half time started to pull my turkey dinner out of oven, then a neighbor informed me with a knock on the door to report my car was stolen and recovered by a neighbor at gun point... then I noticed house was ransacked also.

Some nice parents rented a beautiful 5000 square foot house for the soccer team 15 males ages (14/15) to have a week end party, and this is what they did to reward their parents.

To make a long story short, as long as they returned all the stolen items, and no damage to the car I would not report it.

Then all the goods came forward and the mothers started crying because they did not want to believe me that their "baby's" broke into my house.
One father said that they got a good "talkin to"


One half hour later, at different intervals, two fathers brought their kids over and either spanked or used a belt and lit up their behinds seriously... they began crying (mostly out of embarrassment)

I only bring this up because a chance to watch the game was gone until the last 6 minutes. I know I go off topic a lot...

But I am proud of what Michigan accomplished to day, proud of O'Korn to put up with not playing and come out and win. Win or lose at Ohio State, to me this was a signature win.

Actually them breaking in and stealing things was no big deal compared to what women have to put up with in society, etc. I lived a 24/7 boot camp like life... so the break-in is like a walk in the park for me. Maybe not turning them in, with just a good scare is beneficial, so much for revenge(that's what turning them in would have been). (Go BLUE)

ScottyDoggs said...

I forgot to say I came home from shopping for tile with 5 minutes to go in first half... so story makes some sense.

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