Friday, November 11, 2016

Iowa Preview

Time: 8:00 PM
Location: Kinnick Stadium
Weather: 46 and no rain
Line:  Michigan -21.5

Michigan hasn't won in Kinnick Stadium since 2005.   They have dropped 3 straight on the road in this series.  It must be the pink visitors locker rooms.

EPSN predicts that Michigan has a 92% of winning this game.  Michigan is coming off a home blowout win over Maryland 59-3, Iowa lost on the road to Penn State 41-14.  Michigan is 9-0 and Iowa is 5-4 with 3 out of the 4 losses coming in Big Ten play. 

There is no overnight fix here," Iowa head coach Kirk Ferentz told reporters. "The cavalry is not coming and we're going to play with the guys we have and try to find answers."

#1 Iowa beat a #2 Michigan 12-10 in 1985, the Wolverines QB was Jim Harbaugh.  
I'm guessing he hasn't forgotten that game. 

Tale of the Tape:

Iowa Offense vs. Michigan D = Michigan
Michigan Offense vs. Iowa D = Michigan
Coaching = Michigan
Momentum = Michigan
Intangibles = Iowa

This match-up favors Michigan at pretty much every position group.   Iowa is struggling and Michigan has it's sights on OSU and getting into the Big Ten Championship game.   It will be pretty cold in the 40's on Saturday night and Iowa will be looking to save it's season by beating the #1 team in the Big Ten.   This is only the second time this season, that Michigan has left the state to play a football game.

Yell Play John O'Korn in corn country if............
  • Michigan comes ready to play and puts Iowa away early
  • Wilton continues to play very well and clean
  • Michigan gets over 200 yards on the ground
  • Smith goes over 100 yards
  • Butt goes over 100 yards
  • Michigan D keeps Iowa under 10 points

Yell, Is this Michigan's House of Horrors? if...........
  • Michigan is turning the ball over in cold weather
  • Iowa is hitting it's tight ends on 3rd downs for 1st downs
  • Iowa is running the ball on the outside of Michigan's defense
  • Iowa is getting TD's instead of field goals

Iowa hasn't scored more then 14 points against these defenses:  Rutgers, Minnesota, Wisconsin and Penn State.   Michigan's defense is comparable to Wisconsin but much better then the rest of those teams.   On the other side of the ball, Michigan has outscored its opponents 210-34 over the last 4 games.

This game has been circled on the schedule all year for the Wolverines.  Jimmy said, they have been practicing well and should be ready for the test in Iowa City.   As we have seen over the years, this is not an easy place to play.    Though, they have lost 3 times at home this year (NDSU, NW and Wisconsin). 

This will be an old fashion Big Ten game.  Both teams want to be physical, run the ball and use the tight ends.  Michigan is clearly better team but so was Ohio State when they visited Happy Valley.   Weird things can happen on the road on Saturday night.    Michigan will need to score touchdowns and can't let Iowa get too confident on offense.   Iowa will have over coached their team this week hoping for a big upset.   Michigan needs to jump on them early and take away their will to win.   I like the run/pass game to confuse the Iowa defense, Wilton will need to make sure not to test Detroit's Desmond King too often.  Let us not forget that Iowa picked QB CJ Bethard over Jake Rudock last year, which allowed him to come to Michigan.

Michigan will play well but will give up a few points.   I hope the defense plays like they did earlier in the year then against MSU.   I still have nightmares from past Michigan road performances.   This is a different team, with a great coach that will have his team prepared for this road test.

Michigan 38 Iowa 10


Scott K said...

I know there's still a bit of "Hoke defective disorder" still lingering for all of us, but I think its getting closer and closer to the time when we can feel 100% confident that Jim will have these young men ready to play on game day, whether its a noon kickoff at home, a prime time kick off on the road, or even a show-down in the toilet seat on 11/26.


Good Guys 42 - hawkeyes 6

ScottyDoggs said...

38-10 sounds about right... I would predict myself but went back to day job... although I am retired so that means picking more weeds,etc.

Voice of Reason said...

Unless the referees steal this game for Iowa, Michigan should control and win this game easily, regardless of the score. I agree, this is a different team with a different coaching staff so I believe Michigan will play well. Marcus Ray said something that I agree with 100%, "Michigan is every teams bowl game." That means that Michigan's opposition will be up for us every week and we will see things in the ball game that no other team has seen. I see that as a good thing.

Every hard fought game that Michigan plays in and win helps prepares them for the really big games...the OSU's, the B1G Championships and hopefully the playoffs and National title games. Iron sharpens iron, and a really good work out from Iowa and Indiana will help prepare our players especially the younger players for those big games. Being in a hostile stadium against MSU helped prepare them for Iowa, and being in front of a hostile crowd at night against Iowa will help prepare them for the hostile crowd at OSU and then the B1G title game. One step at a time. IMHO!!!