Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Wolverine Wednesday: We Ain't No Jive Turkeys

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Jim Harbaugh continues to be something much more then a head football coach.   He of course will be rumored to be a candidate for every NFL head coaching job available.   He is that good at what he does.     He is loving his new run at Michigan and making a ton of money.    Here is what he had to say to the team yesterday about leaving for the Rams. 

"I'm not leaving Michigan," Harbaugh said Tuesday while speaking at a Michigan function, via the Detroit Free Press. "Not even considering it. A lot of this talk is coming from our enemies, from coaches, you know the names. You probably know the names of the top three I'm referring to. They like to say that to the media. They like to tell that to the recruits, to their families, try to manipulate them into going to some other school besides Michigan.

"We know them as jive turkeys. Say it like it is. That's the way it is."
  • Today is Tarik Blacks commitment day. (Cheshire Academy in Bowdoin Hall at 1pm)  I like Michigan's chances.
  • Mike McCray says he will be back for his 5th year.
  • Peppers named the team MVP at the Banquet last night.
  • Glenn Robinson is really playing well for the Pacers and has been sneaking into the starting line up lately. Robinson is now averaging 13.2 points, 6.3 rebounds and 1.2 assists as a starter and each time the team played well with him as part of the first unit. For that reason, some of the local media are wondering if Ellis should come off the bench when he returns next week.
  • 4 star Cass Tech CB Donovan Johnson picked Penn State.  He didn't have a Michigan or MSU offer, but did have a ton of other offers.  (Nebraska, Wisconsin, Arizona, Oregon, etc.)


Scott K said...

AJ Dillon flipped to BC.

I think (or maybe I hope) this is because Harris is going to flip to Blue!

Voice of Reason said...

This shows that Harbaugh scares these schools to no end...and now that he's having the success that they've feared, you can bet these schools will get creative with their negative recruiting against him. IMHO!!!

j.lhall said...

Why no interest or offer for Donovan Johnson?

Plenty of speed, good offer sheet, pipeline school, etc....