Friday, June 23, 2017

Michigan Friday: Is Happy For DJ

It is amazing what a year makes.  Two seasons ago, there were questions if DJ was even going to be an effective college basketball player.   After this season, he is the 17th pick in the NBA draft and going to a young up and coming NBA team in Milwaukee.  Another 1st round draft pick developed by Coach B and staff!   Talk about a "long team" DJ will get to play with the Greek Freak and be coached by Jason Kidd.   Congrats DJ and Good Luck!

  • Derick Walton signed as a free agent with Orlando and will play in the summer league right there in Orlando.   Hopefully, he will play well and get a shot at a roster spot. 

  • Zack Irvin signed with Miami and will also get a chance to play in the summer league.   It will be harder for Zach to make the Heat but if he shows well in the Summer League maybe he could get an invite to camp with another team.

  • 2018 4-star LB Cameron McGrone from Indy, just got offered by Michigan.

  • Maybe the best instate player in 2019:  Belleville offensive lineman Devontae Dobbs will visit this weekend.

  • Chuck Filiaga is expected to report to campus today.  Drew Singleton is also in Ann Arbor now.

  • Mo Hurst was ranked by SI as the 71st best college football player this year.


Scott K said...

Damn..... Orlando's D league team has been in my town since 2008, wouldn't you know it they move to FL for next season!

Best of luck to DJ, Derick and Zack.

How many days til kick off?


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