Friday, August 18, 2017

Michigan Friday: A Strange Week 1 For Some Big Ten Teams

I know we are a couple weeks from the season starting and I was starting to look at the week 1 games and the Big Ten has some strange match-ups.    Usually, you will see the Big Ten play a ton of MAC schools.  There is some of that but there are also some really strange games.  Let's take a look:

This is Weird?

Michigan vs. Florida in Dallas.   I continue to think this is a strange game.  Would rather see the Wolverines play in the Swamp or Gators in the Big House.

Washington at Rutgers:  A playoff team is opening their season at Rutgers?  This might not be good for Rutgers.

Maryland at Texas:  That is a strange week 1 match up.  This will be Tom Herman's first game as head coach of the Longhorns. 

Louisville at Purdue:  At least the Purdue fans will get to see what a Heisman Trophy winner looks like.

Ohio State at Indiana:  OSU is opening their Big Ten season in week 1.   The Buckeyes OC is the former head coach at IU.

  • Michigan got a QB PWO for the 2018 class in Kyle Grady.  He is not related to the Grady brothers that played at Michigan.   Kyle is 6'3 and 185 pounds and is from San Diego.  With this walk-on commitment and Joe Milton already in the fold, I doubt Michigan will add another QB in this class.

  • A follow up to yesterday post,  Usher will be a honorary captain this fall.

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