Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Good News on Wilton

Jimmy had his regular Monday press conference and had some good news to share on Wilton's health:

How has Wilton been progressing and is there a chance he could return to the field pretty soon?
“Yes, there is. I think there’s more second opinions to be had but I know Wilton’s really excited about his most recent CAT scan. It’s kind of stunned maybe the—not to sound over the top, but I think some of the doctors are a bit stunned that it’s so far along and he’s healing well. Young guys can do that sometimes. Good blood flow throughout their body. Noticed it with—and these guys are right there and they’re not—they’re young and they’re healthy and he’s healing fast.”

This leads to a couple questions:  What happens when/if Wilton is healthy this season?  What about next year?

I hope I can answer both questions at the same time.   I believe you never can have too many QB's with game experience.  If Peters doesn't regress, I think he is our starter for Wisconsin, OSU and the Bowl Game.  I also would hope that Wilton would stay for his 5th year as he would be one play away from playing.   I suspect if Peters plays well, Wilton would look at a graduate transfer situation but I would hope he would stay.

More health updates:

You were without Ty Isaac, Grant Perry, Michael Onwenu, and Tyrone Wheatley. Do you anticipate having them back Saturday? “Yeah, there’s a very good chance. There’s a very good chance that all could be back Saturday but questionable.”

  • There is still confusion if Josh Metellus can play in the first half on Saturday.  A Big Ten official, said he is eligible to play in the game, which really doesn't answer the question.   Which is exactly what I would expect from a Big Ten official.

  • Looks like Michigan redid some of the stats from Saturday and now has Hudson having 8.0-tackles for loss.  Which sets a Big Ten record.  He also got a 99.9 rating from PFF!

  • Michigan makes the top 5 for 2018 Top100 DT Tyler Friday

  • Khaleke Hudson was named the Big Ten's Co-Defensive Player of the Week along with Iowa junior defensive back Josh Jackson.  Michigan running backs Karan Higdon and Chris Evans also shared the Big Ten Offensive Player of the Week award.

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