Saturday, November 11, 2017

The Story of The Tortoise and The Hare

Michigan linebacker Josh Uche hits Maryland quarterback
Patrick Semansky, AP
Michigan played the Hare in this game to Maryland's obvious Tortoise.   The Hare/Wolverines jumped out to a 28-0 to the over-matched Terrapins.   The sleepy Hare then decided to go into hibernation after half-time. 

Michigan lost the 3rd quarter 3-0 and tied the 4th 7-7.   The Wolverines could have cashed in for a late TD but decided to take a knee and close the game out. 

This game was an example of what is right and wrong with the 2017 Wolverines.   They can look dominate at times and other times look disinterested in playing.   That lack of focus can't happen in the next two weeks or the Wolverines will find themselves quickly with a 4 loss year.

Michigan passed for 145 yards and ran for another 160.  Would you be surprised to learn that Maryland out gained the Wolverines?   Maryland passed for 160 and ran for 180 yards against the Wolverine defense. 

I thought Peters played well for the most part.  Would have loved for him to put some more air under the deep ball to DPJ.  Bottom line is, he didn't turn the ball over and played a smart game.   The injuries tonight could be an issue for next week and in two weeks against the up and down Buckeyes.

  • Game was over at half-time
  • Two flags on Michigan and one accepted
  • No turnovers on offense
  • Peters threw for 2 TD's
  • Evans and Higdon combined for 130 yards rushing
  • Hudson had a nice pick
  • Big Mo Hurst always plays great and had a sack
  • Long had a great pick and return
  • Gentry had a nice TD catch
  • Evans had 2 TD's
  • Another missed field goal
  • Sleepy 2nd half offense and defense
  • Injuries to Higdon, Long, Hill (concussion) and Gary
  • Defense giving up way too many yards in the 2nd half
  • Michigan getting outgained in a blowout win
You can look at this game a couple ways, Michigan won the game in the first half and didn't want to put anything more on film for the next two opponents or Michigan lost focus in a blowout in the second half.   I think the truth is in the middle somewhere.  The game was never in doubt, but I also think this team can't afford to talk quarters off against anyone.    Quinn Nordin has suddenly become an issue and Michigan's defense looks banged up and vulnerable.

ESPN's FPI has Wisconsin winning next week by 80%.  That is a lot against a Don Brown defense.  I like the Wolverines chances next weekend, but they're going to have to put together 4 solid quarters of football, not just two.


EzmoB said...

Again Peters was not given the chance to air it out. I have no idea why JH is holding him back. Need to see what he has.

I hope the injuries are not serious, KH and RG need to be healthy for us to have a chance next 2 weeks.

ScottyDoggs said...

My day/week/month/year was made when Michigan State and Notre Dame, both got whipped severely.

Believe me, I want Mchigan to win next two games...I just can not fight the feelhat we have less than 10% chance to beat Wisky, and only<5% chance to beat Ohio State...

The offense with be stifled, marked by no imagination... and I do believe defense will be brokendown, big plays against them, and humiliated...after these next two games a lot of talk as to where we are headed... pray I am wrong... but two beat downs cometh! Apoligize for typos, sometimes yahoo does not work write, and can not change then without earsing bunches!

Voice of Reason said...

I must confess that I am a Michigan fan first and objective (cough, cough) analyst second. The fan in side of me says that Michigan can and will win, but the analyst says look at the fact (as you know them):

1) Michigan is a very talented team at every position (+)
2) Michigan is very young and inexperienced team (-)
3) We're on our third QB this season, starter out (--)
4) Our OL is young/QB gets hit (-), but improving (+)
5) Our run game is improving (+), pass game efficient (?)
6) Our special team is young (-), FG (?), P (+), Rt. (+)
7) Coaching-play calling, preparation and development (+)
8) Players and coaches are growing in confidence (+)
9) Defense is young (-), but solid and improving (+)

Which means there are too many negatives in the more important positions that need to be shored up first before we can seriously be considered for a championship run.

Wisconsin is a good and solid team (+). Are they top ten worthy? (-) I don't think so but they are a solid top twenty team (+). OSU has shown some weaknesses this season (-) but they are still a good and talented team (+) especially at home (+).

Michigan's youth and limited experience has been what has hurt them this season (IMO) but as someone said, by this time during the season they're not inexperienced any longer, they have just moved up in class.

To me the question is should Michigan play JOK and try to go for the win, or if they should stay with BP? As much as I want to win (and I hope we do), I think they should still stay with BP, the reason for that is that he is likely the starter for next few years and the sooner he gets used to playing against the top conference teams the better for the team.

Next year the OL will likely have BB, CR, MO as sure starters with (guessing--->) JBB and possibly GN at tackles. My point is that yes they want to win this year, but they have to seriously prepare for next year while doing it. The future is now BP and not WS.

I still think Michigan has a good chance against Wisconsin and OSU, because Michigan's defense is still outstanding. I don't believe that JH wanted to blow Maryland out and "totally" embarrass his friend. He could have gone for the TD or field goal at the end but chose not to. This is not to say that they deliberately decided to have a bad third quarter, but when you have a huge lead you can afford to try to run the clock out and be somewhat predicable with the run game. Bottom line...don't worry. IMHO!!!

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