Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Michigan Tuesday: Updates a Couple Weekend Visits

The Shea Patterson drama will continue this weekend as he and some teammates will visit Ann Arbor.   Reports are that 3 or 4 of his Ole Miss teammates will take a flight to Ann Arbor to look at a new opportunity.   Michigan might be interested in a Shea and one of his WR's, unfortunately we don't have any reports that Greg Little one of the best OT's in the country is interested in leaving.

Its seems probable that both sides feel that Shea will be granted an NCAA exception and be able to play right away.  Otherwise, it doesn't make much sense to transfer anywhere.

  • If you needed more Patterson news, here it is:  Michigan will also host 4 star Arizona State commit, Jarrett Patterson this weekend as well.   Jarrett hosted Coach Drevno last week and would like to make a decision between ASU, Michigan and UCLA.   Jimmy expects to be in home in a week or two.

  • Michigan Basketball might not be watchable for another month or so.  They were leading by 20 points in the first half in Columbus and then lost by 9. 

  • UCF has hired Josh Heupel former Oklahoma QB, Oklahoma OC, and Mizzu OC.


Unknown said...

Dint need Patterson or Jefferson...time to develop the kids you recruited!!!

Tim said...

Any idea when they will know for sure if Patterson will be able to play right away?

Bob said...

My guess is they feel pretty good about the NCAA ruling in his favor to play right away, but I don't have a timeline for a decision.

Scott K said...

Safety Deontay Anderson is also visiting.... Snagging all three of these kids would be a huge shot in the arm..... Anderson was a stud as a true freshman

Goose said...

What kind of message is J.H. sending to the q.b.'s on roster. Teams start freshmen and sophomores a lot why does it seem michigan is terrified to do so. My vote is go with Peters and find some offensive linemen to transfer in.

Mike Tebbe said...

Sounds like OT Stud Little is now joining them

EzmoB said...

I think after this years qb experience we learned you can not have enough qb's on the roster. Generating healthy competition is good for everyone.

Scott K said...

Personally..... I'm going to trust in Jim's judgement. Shea Patterson was the #1 rated QB in the country, wasn't he? If you have a chance to get him for two years, why the hell wouldn't you?

Peters did pretty well, but he wasn't good enough to be the starter until the #1 QB when out with injury and the #2 failed to perform.

Whatever improves the team, the team, the team.... Bring on the entire OL' Miss offense, if it can score points!