Thursday, January 4, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Winovich Back

Michigan Football got some good news yesterday as DE Chase Winovich decided he wasn't done playing college football and will stay for this 5th and final year.   This is a big get for Don Brown and his defense should continue to be rated in the top 10 next year.

I keep waiting for Michigan's assistant coach carousel to begin.  Which should happen at anytime.  The rumor mill continues with the familiar names like Greg Roman and Dan Enos, there is also a rumor that Jimmy will run the Pistol offense which is a better match for Patterson and McCaffrey. 

Update:  It seems the first domino is starting to fall.  Al Washington who I miss reported was still at BC (he actually coached at Cincinnati last year) is heading to Michigan to either fill the RB Coach Role or a SAM/Viper LB coach.  Best guess is on Don Browns staff.

  • Texas A&M wanted to hire LSU's defensive coordinator Dave Aranda.  So to stop that process, LSU signed Dave to a $2.5M a year deal for 4 years.   Wow!  If I were Don Brown, I would send that article to Warde Manual.

  • Chip Kelly hired former Michigan LB and coach Roy Manning from Washington State.  Roy will coach Special Teams at UCLA.  Roy was in high demand and many PAC 12 schools wanted to hire him.

  • Josh Rosen and Sam Darnold have both declared for the NFL Draft.

  • The RR lawsuit at Arizona is getting ugly.  More details are here.  It will be interesting to see where they go with this opening.

  • The Under Armour All American Game is on today in Orlando.   It will be on at 6:00.  Myles Simms is playing and so is Michigan target OT Nicholas Petit-Frere.

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Scott K said...

The only USC game I watched was the bowl game and I don't know that Darnold made a good decision leaving college.

He has some GREAT tools.... but he wasn't ready for osu'd defense, he is one that would REALLY, REALLY benefit from more experience and coaching.

I'm really not sure about the Enos/Roman thing.... Unless Drevno and Hamilton are gone. how many million dollar offensive assistant coaches does it take to have a mediocre offense?