Thursday, May 17, 2018

Michigan Thursday: Big Mo Signs His Contract
Maurice Hurst didn't get much buzz prior to the NFL Draft.  He had an EKG with some questions at the combine and then it seemed like he fell off the earth.  He was cleared by doctors at Michigan and Harvard and it still barely made a ripple in the media or with NFL teams.

Then the draft kicked off and one of the best rated defensive players by Pro Football Focus continued to slip rounds and days of the draft.   It seems many teams took Mo off their boards and as the rounds ticked away, we wondered who was going to pick the first round talent. 

Oakland and new coach Jon Gruden was the one and they got a steal in the 5th round.  Mo will prove everyone wrong and play with a Tom Brady chip on his shoulder his entire career. 

Mo signed a new 4 year $2.7M contract with the Raiders on Wednesday.   That is a drop in the bucket on what he should be making, but the big pay day will come with his second contract after he proves that he is a quality NFL player and his heart holds up.   Mo will go through heart testing every year to make sure everything is ok. 

We wish him all the best!

  • Michigan yesterday offered 2019 4 Star Alabama CB Jaydon Hill

  • Michigan also offered 2020 five-star linebacker prospect Justin Flowe on Wednesday

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