Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Michigan Tuesday: News and Notes

  • So it seems the report about Charles Matthews being invited to the NBA Combine were incorrect and now he has officially not been invited.   In the NBA, that is a big deal and pretty much assures that he will be back to Michigan.    

  • Poggi has signed a free agent deal with the Oakland Raiders, I hope he makes the team.  Gruden does love him some hard nosed players!

  • OSU QB Joe Burrow is transferring from OSU, he was expected to be the #2 behind Haskins who showed out during the Michigan game.   Martell is now the #2 QB.

  • 2019 4 star Stephen Herron Jr. who was an early commit to Michigan and then reports starting saying that he was/is going to flip to Stanford, says he is fully committed to the Wolverines.   I would still keep an eye on this one and an eye on any letters from the Stanford admissions office to his house.

  • Sam Webb believes that Karsen Barnhart did so well at the Nike Opening and UA camps last weekend, that he might be heading towards a 4th star.

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Cormac said...

There's some additional information. In a Land of Ten (app) article, he said he "his commitment to Michigan is "still at an eight or nine" out of ten. I don't remember where I read some comments about that, but the comments were to take his commitment with a grain of salt. It also said that he still could be waiting for admittance to Stanford.