Thursday, August 2, 2018

Michigan Thursday: The Beginning of the End

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I moved to Florida 7 years ago and was surprised to learn the "hate" Gator fans have for Urban Meyer.   They feel he is a fraud and left them at a time when they needed him the most (re-building after Tebow).  Its hard to find a Gator fan who has anything good to say about Urban and the program continues to spin its wheels since Urban left.  

This quote from Mike Bianchi, from the Orlando Sentinel, pretty much sums up the Gator faithful's thoughts:  "Urban Meyer is Urban Liar. He is the most disingenuous coach I've ever covered."  

Urban was always on the edge of right and wrong at Florida.   We know the stories and what happened to a number of his players after they left Gainesville.   He left Florida because of health reasons but jumped to ESPN very fast and then to OSU when the opening became available after Tressel lied his way out of the job.

Guys like Urban usually don't change their spots and I was honestly surprised he was able to keep the OSU train on its track and continue to win and recruit at a very high level without a scandal or bending the rules.  He also seemed to be running a tight ship, kids would get in trouble and Urban (to an outsider) would remove the player quickly.    His coordinators were getting head coaching jobs and 4&5 stars continued to run to Columbus.   Besides an embarrassing loss to Clemson in the playoffs, things were good for the Meyer's.

Until Zach Smith's troubles became public.   Zach and Urban have been tied together for years and him not knowing that Zach got into trouble in 2015 but his wife did, is not going to fly with anyone.

So now what?  OSU has suspended Urban as it investigates the situation.  The Buckeyes will do everything they can to keep him.   Urban Meyer's just don't grow on trees and they might just take the MSU playbook and hope the media storm moves on to another topic.

The issue will be the level of outrage on this situation.   Will they play the Urban didn't know card or will the flood of discontent be so large they have to fire him?  Many don't survive these type of coverups, we will have to see if Urban does or doesn't.

Or maybe Urban will start having health problems again?  This time I don't believe ESPN will be there to comfort his fall.


Renegade said...

Paid administrative leave is another way of saying paid suspension. Those with knowledge of how these things work will tell you that if they are paying during suspension the anvil is probably going to fall. If you are not paid, that is the punishment.

Tommertoffo said...
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Tommertoffo said...

Michigan fan who supports Urban Meyer. We are asking coaches to be investigators, police, judge, and jury to ALL the students and coaches.

IF the assistant coach is guilty of abuse, there is a system that will work in determining his guilt and determining his punishment. THAT'S not a coach's job.

Firing Urban Meyer will ONLY penalize the players who work unbelievably hard for OSU and Urban Meyer. Such a move helps NO ONE.

Renegade said...

"Firing Urban Meyer will ONLY penalize the players who work unbelievably hard for OSU and Urban Meyer. Such a move helps NO ONE."

I have no idea if Meyer is guilty either legally or ethically. As to his employment, that will determined by OSU. You are correct that, if terminated, others will also be penalized. To those who remain, do your best to support your school and team. Life moves on.

Also you don't need to YELL!!!

In Harbaugh we trust said...

Just heard Tyrone Wheatley jr has left team..I’m not surprised and figured only a matter of time after his father left..good luck to him..just not against us

Bob said...

Urban's and his wife had to report the abuse to the proper channels like he did at Florida in 2009. He failed to do that (we believe) in 2015 as he said at the Big Ten Media Days that he didn't know anything about it. Which if he did was a lie and a cover up.

What it looks like from the outside is that Urban was trying to protect Earl Bruce's grandson and lying about his abuse. If true, the non-reporting and cover-up are the reasons he will be fired.

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