Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Wolverine Wednesday: TCU vs. SMU

When I saw TCU and SMU were playing on Friday night, I thought this might be an interesting match-up.   Michigan of course plays SMU this Saturday and TCU plays Ohio State.    The game started and SMU got off to a 9-0 start with a TD and Safety and the upset was on.   After that, TCU scored 42 points and SMU scored 3.   The upset was off and it set up the ABC Primetime game of the week with OSU vs. SMU.  If you didn't know, TCU is not hosting Ohio State at their stadium, it's at Jerry World/AT&T Stadium.    Clearly, Michigan should have played ND at Lucas Oil.

  • SMU's QB Ben Hicks threw 38 times, completed 18 for 111 yards
  • SMU rushed for 131 yards 
Not exactly an offensive explosion and Michigan's defense should be able to stop SMU's offense all day.  

I also don't expect Ohio State to struggle with TCU.  Its at a neutral site and I expect OSU will handle TCU's running spread.   Of course this early in the year, I'm betting Gary Patterson hasn't put too much of his offense on tape yet.  

  • If you didn't notice, Carlo Kemp played DT during the WMU game as Solomon/Marshall was out with injuries.   I've been excited about Carlo since he signed and its great to see him getting more playing time.   Reviews of his play at DT seemed to be very strong.  Also I think Bryan Mone has been in the program for 10 years. 

  • Michigan seems to be turning the tide with local 2020 5 star recruit OG Justin Rodgers.   Michigan needs all the offensive line help they can get and should be on any instate 5 star.

  • Forbes has Michigan's Jordan deal as the #4 deal in College Sports.  The top 3 are UCLA, Louisville, and Texas.   If your wondering how UCLA and Louisville have the top 2, its because Under Armour and Adidas have to over pay for their contracts.   

  • Isaiah Foskey, a 4 star TE from De La Salle in CA, noticed his friend Giles Jackson committed to Michigan and wondered on Twitter if he should join his brother in Ann Arbor.    His top schools are Michigan, ND, CAL, OSU, and Washington.  He better hurry if he does, Michigan needs OT, DT, and outside WR to round off the class. 

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